How Was Your Weekend?

I got so much done this weekend! I cleaned, did laundry, ran errands, got caught up on The Great British Bake-Off, and got a ton of writing done. I’m proud of myself. I’m also very tired and cranky about going back to work, but so it goes.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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27 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My weekend had its ups and downs. The weather was wonderful so we took the kid for a long walk and to swing and then we watched a lot of football! My team played really well so that was fun. Then Sunday we went to lunch with the in-laws and that was great and Monday we worked on the house. It was all very fun and relaxing, but my kid is dealing with a growth spurt or teeth or something because she’s a real pain in the ass about 90% of the time. There was that 10% of crazy adorableness though. She said “mommy” on Sunday, but just by repeating what I was saying (so it doesn’t really count), then Monday Mr. Truck said “take this to Mommy!” and she yelled “money!” as she came running to me, so I think that counts.

  2. Commentatrix says:

    I had lunch/drinks/beach time with a friend who recently moved to the area, worked at my freelance job, ran a ton of errands, low-key revamped my shower, watched some fun TV (High Maintenance on HBOGO), and got great sleep overall (except for last night), so pretty awesome weekend!

  3. catweazle says:

    My karaoke date got canceled because we were both sick. I think I must have allergies because I JUST had that huge cold, but anyway it sucks! But I powered through class and my friend’s barbecue on Saturday (though I had to leave the barbecue a little early because I felt like I was going to vom) (I didn’t vom though) (go me). Sunday I had brunch with my family including the baby who was being very cute. He had his very first pancake! He loved it so much that he refused to eat any of his scrambled eggs and instead tried to steal his mom’s pancakes. Never have I seen myself in him more.

    Yesterday I bought a new couch which is a big relief because the couch I’ve had for the last five years is nice enough but a) It is white, or should I say was white and now looks somewhat dingy and very linty and b) The cushions have lost most of their structural integrity over the years which I suspect may have had a hand in fucking up my back. The new couch is dark brown so I can spill as much wine as I want on it and nobody will be any the wiser, and it has fancy memory foam cushions so hopefully it can support my frail bones.

    Now I am at work and I have a Nyquil hangover and feel like garbage and also have like no voice but it doesn’t matter because I’m leaving for New Orleans tomorrow and don’t have to go back to work for a week!

  4. flanny says:

    This was for sure one of my top 10 weekends this year. On Saturday I had my annual mix CD release party with friends from college, and we all only get together this once a year, but it’s always so fun. One of the friends stayed the night, and we spent the evening after the other two left watching And Then There Were None and now she is in love with Aidan Turner. Then on Sunday I drove across the state to my mom’s and hung out with her for the night, and it was actually really fun! The best part was on Sunday night when, after eating a gyro, I took a run to the ice cream place down the street where my mom met me, treated me to ice cream, and then drove me home. Now that’s what I call exercise.

    On Sunday I also went to Ikea and bought a bookshelf for my new record player which was delivered today! I stole a bunch of records from my brother’s collection at my mom’s. He seems to have every Siousxie and the Banshees and the Cure album produced in the early 80s. My mom also revealed that the trunk at the foot of her bed had a bunch of my parents’ records in it, so along with all that angsty teenage stuff, I snagged a Shaun Cassidy album, a Joey Travolta album, and two records full of carousel organ music. Mom didn’t tell me why she and Dad felt the need to own two albums of carousel music, but whatever. And because we’re slowly but surely clearing out the house to sell, I also took a globe from the 1906s and silver service for 12!

    • My mom has a few gems in her record collection like the carousel music. She claims that my grandpa got them at the dry cleaners for free? I have no idea if that was a thing.”

      I need to go record shopping again. I need some new/old stuff.

    • Sota says:

      I am going to imagine that they needed two because they listened to them so often that they had to alternate so they didn’t get bored with one.

      • flanny says:

        This seems like a good place to remind everyone that Pete Campbell looks like old pictures of my dad.

        So yeah, your theory is probably right.

  5. artdorkgirl says:

    I spent Saturday day drinking and it was all I could ask for. We hung out in a friend’s backyard and talked about (In order): Pokemon Go, Football, Monica (the singer), My Favorite Murder, Cats, Cheese. It was pretty sweet.

    I worked on getting stuff for ready for classes and I’m feeling ok about it. I’m still super nervous. I have a class with 40 kids tomorrow! That’s 80 eyes! I created a really hard-looking syllabus, so I’m hoping it scares some kids off. Syllabi can be spoopy, right??

  6. Spent Saturday afternoon on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. Then went to a karaoke bar with a good crew of people. Spent Sunday getting brunch and wandering from bar to bar with my friend. We even stumbled on a street fest that had a camel and “wrestling” (it was like a low-budget WWE). Yesterday I managed to install a shelf in my bathroom and do laundry.

    Guys, why is it hot again? This sucks.

  7. Sota says:

    I am so over things you guys. I am just like UGHHHH. My work has been bananas for weeks…months really…I am sure you are sick of hearing about it. I honestly just cannot live like this anymore. We laid off two people last spring, and that has been interesting trying to accommodate for that, and then my boss has been super duper sick for like a month and not been in the office. I am trying the best I can to hold together all the bits and pieces that need to be accomplished while still dealing with every other normal project and all the many hot fire alarm projects that are coming through the group. Well now we have to probably move a client meeting tomorrow because a ball was dropped on the communication…it wasn’t me, but its going to be a pain in the arse to pick back up and deal with and I am just SO OVER IT. On top of all of that my BF’s boss took the very late and inappropriate time of 2.5 weeks before his move to tell him he would like to leave him the company. I SWEAR. These people are making me so mad. They have known he was leaving for over almost 2 months…maybe this could have COME UP SOONER!!?!? Now thats totally throwing a wrench into the conversation while we deal with this new information. AND!!! Over the weekend I somehow got a pulled muscle in my neck, so now I am uncomfortable. Dammit being over 30. You’re killing me!

    Counting down…2.5 hours till yoga. I can make it. Need that muscle stretching and zen SO MUCH.
    /rant over

    (ps. sorry for ranting)

    • hotspur says:

      I don’t like that your relationship plans have become suddenly complicated, but I DO like that the complication comes in the Dickensian form of an unexpected inheritance.

    • martinmegz says:

      No apologies needed! The BF situation is a crazy turn of events. And I think everyone here can agree that bosses exist to make our lives miserable and prevent any actual progress from being made at work.

    • Commentatrix says:

      WHAT HOTSPUR SAID. Just think, you might actually have a family business/legacy to leave your future daughter and the street urchin you will adopt down the line who will eventually become her husband (or wife because it’s 2016 now and circa 2042 when the marriage/exchange of assets will have taken place).

  8. martinmegz says:

    I did not get much done this weekend! Mainly because I spent my days watching the US Open. Yesterday I got a bunch of laundry done, so much so that I found a shirt I don’t even remember buying.

    On Saturday I went to my friends’ house to watch Batman vs. Superman. They had a baby a few months ago and they’ve been really good about keeping me in their lives, it’s just that our hang outs are mostly dinner at their place now, which is fine.

    So here are my no-longer-relevant takes on Batman v. Superman. We watched the extra long version, which according to my friends made a lot more sense than the theatrical version, although I asked a question about who someone was or why something didn’t make sense at least 10 times during the movie. In most cases the answer arrived a little later, but you really have to see it with an expert in this particular comic world to know what’s happening.

    I like Henry Cavill as Superman (v. handsome), and I liked Ben Affleck as Batman! Is that a controversial opinion? I think Batman should have that rich guy swagger that Affleck projects. The main problem for me was Jesse Eisenberg. Did they forget to tell him he was playing Lex Luthor, not the Joker? He really seemed to think he was the Joker.

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