It’s Project Club Time!

I did not go to the bank, because I will never go to the bank, apparently (I still need to go to the bank). But I did clean, do laundry, and vacuum, AND I got a tone of writing done this past week. I’m pretty proud of myself.

New goals: keep writing every day, actually put the laundry that I did away, and pick up some supplies for when a friend is coming to stay next weekend, including stuff to make Moscow Mules, because I had my first one ever in New York and they’re the best.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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21 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My goal was to wash a shirt (fail!) and eat healthier in general which I definitely did! I also ate a lot of cookies too. Does it still count as eating healthier if you eat salads and kale but also cookies? Know what? Don’t answer that. I don’t care.

  2. flanny says:

    I think I didn’t have any goals last week? At least, I don’t remember them. So pretend I accomplished all of them.

    This week I need to run three times (Saturday and Sunday and either Friday or Monday after work depending on weather). I also need to buy plane tickets to a wedding at the end of next month.

  3. FRQ says:

    Yesterday afternoon, I finally achieved one of my 2016 goals by becoming a certified scrum master (details here). I jokingly told my friends afterwards that I can now accomplish anything with my certification, just like those people in the Holiday Inn commercials. The thing is, we went to trivia that evening, and ended up getting first place. Perhaps this certificate does grant me special powers. Does anyone need a pilot for their space shuttle, or open heart surgery?

  4. Even though it’s hot as balls right now, last week started feeling like fall. So I think my goals this week are all about the changing season:
    -Find a knitting pattern
    -Take coats to cleaners
    -Donate clothes
    -Start hand washing scarves

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Last week’s goals…
    1. Clean out the garage – made a .05% effort on this goal.
    2. Side job projects – completed the bare minimum, but am continuing to chip away at my list.
    3. Go through the mail and pay bills – NOPE, the mail pile is still ridiculous.
    4. Laundry! – NOPE, the laundry pile is still ridiculous.
    5. Eat delicious snacks – SUCCESS!

    How shocking that the only goal I finished is eating snacks. Specifically, Fannie May Mint Meltaways and mini Twix bars.

    This week’s goals…
    1. Side job projects
    2. Mail
    3. Laundry
    4. Schedule doctor appointments
    5. Eat delicious snacks
    6. Create a to do list and stick to it
    7. Get more sleep

    • flanny says:

      You’ve already created the to do list! You’re halfway to #6!

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        The to do list I’m envisioning is much longer and more detailed, but I appreciate the encouragement! I want to either start using my Panda Planner or set up Trello to help me manage all my tasks. If only I could hire a personal assistant to take my car in to get new tires or schedule my appointments.

  6. Sota says:

    I have a project week success story for everyone! Last week Truck and Flanny inspired me to eat cookies as my project. Specifically the State Fair cookies that I love but don’t want to battle the State Fair crowds for. Well…by lunchtime Friday (THE NEXT DAY!) I had somehow wrangled a friend into dropping off a bucket of delicious cookies for me. Less than 24 hours after I sent out the request on FB, I had cookies in hand (mouth). SUCCESS ALL AROUND!

    My other goals from last week were: cleaning (Eh…kinda), laundry (NOPE), signing up for Netflix(NOPE) and sleeping lots(DONE!)

    New goals:
    – Go to yoga
    – Throw away/donate 1 box of stuff (i.e. continue the closet/room clean out)
    – Stop eating so many cookies (All good things must end eventually…and my waistline tells me it is now before the weather gets even more hibernatey.)

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