Tuesday TV Talk – Pilot Season Cancellation Contest!

It’s the most wonderful timeeee of the yearrrrrr. It’s Fall TV Premiere season which means our dark summer of nothing but Game of Thrones and reruns is over. Now let’s talk about the new shows and whether any of them are worth watching. Please note that there will be spoilers so don’t read if you aren’t caught up.

Son of Zorn – I like the idea of the combined animation/live-action but honestly, I don’t see the concept being enough to make this show particularly interesting. The jokes feel pretty one note and I think about three episodes will be enough for them to feel stale and old.

The Good Place – Again, I think the idea is good but the execution is lacking. The jokes feel very soft and obvious. Plus, the entire premise of Kristen Bell trying to be a better person and failing doesn’t feel like it will be that interesting episode after episode.

This Is Us – I wanted to hate this show a lot. I think Crazy, Stupid Love is one of the worst pieces of garbage ever and the trailer for the show just seemed so schmaltzy. Of course, it ended up being my favorite one. All of the actors are perfectly cast and manage to stay on the right side of the line of not being over-the-top. I’m really interested to see where the show goes from here and what it does with the two time periods.

Kevin Can Wait – Welp, this show is exactly as bad as I expected it to be. Why do people think that Kevin James is funny? Why is the daughter afraid of telling her dad that she has a boyfriend? Why is there a character named Chale? Is that a real name? If I don’t ever see this show again, I will be fine with that.

Speechless – This show was pretty cute. I ended up really liking Minnie Driver’s character a lot and none of the kids were overly annoying. It feels like the kind of show that I would watch if it came on but not go out of my way to make sure I was caught up.

Designated Survivor – Designated Survivor pretty much checks all the boxes that you would expect for a network action drama. Kiefer Sutherland does a good job as the accidental President and I liked that they made a point to show how overwhelmed he was. I could do without the cliche drug-dealing teenager and the numerous scenes of him looking scared and lost but it was intriguing and not terrible. I can’t see making a point to watch this every week but if someone were to tell me a few weeks from now that it was amazing, I would go back and watch it. Also, Maggie Q is the best.

Notorious – Woof, this was kind of a mess. I am really over the “terrible people being terrible” premise that I feel like a lot of network dramas rely on and this was just so much of that. I don’t care about any of the characters and I don’t really understand why they are doing what they are doing. I also don’t really buy the basic premise and have no interest in seeing if the terrible people keep doing terrible things or decide to do less terrible things.

Pitch – The inherent problem with Pitch is that baseball is just so boring. Probably the only thing more boring is the struggle of systemic sexism. Obviously sexism is bad and should not exist, but I don’t really want to watch a show that focuses on it, I think about it enough in my daily life, thanks. The big ghost dad twist at the end wasn’t all that surprising but I’m not sure if Ginny actually thinks she’s seeing and talking to her ghost dad or if she knows he’s not there. Honestly, I really don’t see myself adding this to my DVR any time soon.

The other shows that premiered this week were McGyver, Bull, Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist, none of which I have had the chance to watch yet but if anyone has thoughts, I would definitely be interested in hearing them.

So now that we’ve gotten through the first wave of premieres, it’s time for the next fall tradition, cancellations. In honor of that, I thought it would be fun to do a first cancellation contest. Anyone who wants to play will pick the show that they think will get cancelled first and the winner gets a prize! Only one person can pick each show so if someone chooses what you think will be first, sorry, you have to pick something else. The good news is that there are (as always) a lot of shows that are pretty meh so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can pick any of the shows from above or the following, which have yet to premiere:

Conviction (ABC)

Timeless (NBC)

No Tomorrow (CW)

Frequency (CW)

American Housewife (ABC)

Man with A Plan (CBS)

The Great Indoors (CBS)

Pure Genius (CBS)

I am the final judge and decider if there is any question of who picked what or what gets cancelled first and remember, the winner will get a prize picked out specially by me.  Put your picks in the comments below!



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42 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk – Pilot Season Cancellation Contest!

  1. catweazle says:

    I don’t really know anything about any of these (except Speechless and Designated Survivor which I have seen ~12 million commericals for) but my pick is Timeless, just because it would be funny if a show called Timeless got canceled immediately.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      You stole my pick! That show looks like it has a gigantic budget, and I’m guessing that is what will bring them down.

    • hotspur says:

      Rats, I was going to pick Timeless. It will get canceled because it is the main one of these shows I want to watch.* That is never a good sign. Plus it is high concept in a way that looks expensive to produce (lots of explosions and every week’s gotta be costumed in a whole other era?), so if it’s not a huge hit out the gate, there’s incentive to ax it fast.

    • hah, that would have been my guess as well. It looks expensive, plus there are about 8 time travel shows and it doesn’t have the same hook as the others.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My pick is Notorious.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I have seen all of the new series that have premiered so far except MacGyver – it’s on my DVR, I just can’t. Gotta get in the right mood*

      *liquored up

      Here are my thoughts – I really liked Lethal Weapon and Pitch although I admit that Pitch has a long way to go. This is Us was a really really great pilot but I don’t know that I want to watch it every week. Bull is a really cool premise but a terrible execution – who wants to watch rich people buy their way out of prison every week? We already hate rich people. Designated Survivor was fine, I guess, just nothing about it appeals to me. Notorious was a mess and for some reason I really don’t like that main actress (sorry, lady!) – everything you wrote up there is 100% correct. I really liked The Exorcist! I found it really scary and interesting and like it could go somewhere cool (we also just rewatched the original movie in preparation for Halloween Horror Nights).

      As for comedies – I liked The Good Place a lot and will continue to watch until it annoys me. Kevin Can Wait can wait…forever for me to like it. (joke quality equal to that in the show) (Although it bums me out to see Kevin James in everything he’s in because it’s all terrible but I do think his stand up is funny) Speechless was not for me – I just didn’t find it funny and thought the premise was a little preachy even though I know that’s kind of the point. Son of Zorn was funny but I agree could get a little tiresome quickly.

  3. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Shows that have earned a spot in my DVR:
    – The Good Place – third episode was better than the first two, so I’m sticking with it
    – Speechless

    I’ve only seen the first 10 minutes of the Lethal Weapon pilot, but damn, Clayne Crawford was great in the opening scene. So, I’ll give that show a chance because of him. I’ve never seen the Lethal Weapon movies, so I have nothing to compare the show to, which might be a good thing.

    The premiere of High Maintenance was funny, so I’ll catch up with that one on demand.

    WESTWORLD STARTS THIS WEEKEND! And so does Ash vs. Evil Dead! And Elementary!

    Shit, I watch way too much tv.

    • hotspur says:

      The original Lethal Weapon is currently free to stream with Amazon Prime. It’s worth a look! Shane Black wrote it (also he did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys) and it was “studied” in the screenwriting class I took as an example of How To Do It.

      Lethal Weapon 2 is a landmark of Big Giant 1980s Action Cinema with sooo many memorable lines and also Joe Pesci, but I suspect it does not hold up super well. Lethal Weapon 3 I think was a better movie-movie than 2 but also I remember nothing except Renee Russo was in it and there’s a ludicrous scar-comparison flirting scene. I think they made a 4 but by then I was a grownup with a job so I never saw it.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        I did like the Nice Guys, but have not yet seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I know it’s supposed to be great. It’s on my list.

        Perhaps I will give the Lethal Weapon movies a chance. I find Mel Gibson rather annoying as an actor, but I would be willing to look past it if the movie is fun.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about Westworld!!!

    • old man fatima says:

      I’m so excited for season 2 of Evil Dead!!

    • And Luke Cage! Between that and Westworld, I’m hoping to have some new shows to obsess over that aren’t the Great British Bake-Off.

    • Commentatrix says:

      I love High Maintenance! Technically what you saw wasn’t the premiere though, so definitely check out the webisodes if you can.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        True! I caught a few of the webisodes on HBO’s on demand. I will definitely watch the rest at some point in the near future.

        • Commentatrix says:

          It really enhances the experience, I think. Did you at least watch the webisode with Max and whatshername? Seeing that one made the HBO “premiere” that much more enjoyable for me. Also try to watch “Rachel” before you watch the second HBO episode.

        • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

          I did not see the webisode with Max. I’ll plan to finish the web series before watching any more of the HBO episodes. Thanks for the tip!

        • Commentatrix says:

          I think that one is called “Olivia”?

  4. flanny says:

    I hope this is the prize:

  5. FRQ says:

    I will take Kevin Can Wait, though I’m not totally confident with that pick, as CBS tends to find success with the most mediocre shows.

    As for other new TV, I’ve only seen The Good Place, and I share cassmasterflash’s opinion. The other shows don’t really interest me. This may partly be due to the fact that there’s already SO MUCH TV OUT THERE. I’m still watching Halt and Catch Fire, which has been solid, and I started watching Atlanta, which has been surprisingly good! Brooklyn Nine Nine is back, and last week’s premiere was wonderful. Sadly I didn’t think the same about New Girl, but hopefully it will pick up again. The new season of Transparent also came out recently, so I have to get in on that. Westworld and Ash vs Evil Dead are also on my radar, but there are a million other things taking up my time and I don’t know if I can squeeze in anymore without overloading my brain.

    • I need to get caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine! I didn’t know the new season had started already.

    • I’ve watched the first two episodes of Atlanta and I like them so far. It feels like the kind of show that I have to be in the right mood to watch them though. Brooklyn 99 continues to be charming. Jake and Captain Holt have a great dynamic so it was fun to see them interact for the entire episode.

  6. I’ll pick Frequency, because no one else has yet. I have never heard of it and have no idea what it’s about.

    • hotspur says:

      I saw it on the side of a bus during my lunch break just now. Until then, me neither.

      It looks like another time travel show, with a 9/11 theme. Using 9/11 for entertainment weirds me out though, and I ended up sitting in traffic wondering if people felt weird about Pearl Harbor movies in 1957 or Fort Sumter movies in 1877 because that would be the same thing. I probably should be handling it by now, like our forebears did, and just enjoy this show about mass murder in the middle of a city on a nice day.

      • It’s based on the movie Frequency and it’s about a young woman who’s father was murdered and she discovers that she can communicate with him in the past on an old radio. It actually looks intriguing and honestly, I’ll give most CW things a shot.

  7. Okay, here’s what’s taken so far:

    Catweazle – Timeless
    Truckasuarus – Notorious
    FRQ – Kevin Can Wait
    Theresa – Frequency

    Anyone else, add your pick to the comments below and I will add you to my running list.

    • flanny says:

      I’ll take The Great Indoors because I hate anything where the premise is “kids nowadays!”

    • Commentatrix says:

      I will pick Man With a Plan because I don’t think America is ready for a second Matt LeBlanc network comeback without the rest of the Friends.

    • hotspur says:

      I’ll take No Tomorrow because I keep seeing billboards for it and I thought it was a time travel show about a modern nitwit who falls in love with a smarmy knight. Then the description I just looked up says it is about meteors. Why is the boy wearing chainmail and why is the girl making that Everygirl Dealing With A Ridiculous Knight face? This show is in trouble. Just send my prize now.

    • I pick McGyver!

      Because, really, it shouldn’t be a thing.

    • Martinmegz says:

      Is Pitch still available? Fox gives up on shows super fast. I’m still angry about Almost Human.

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