It’s Project Club Time!

I kept up my streak from last week, writing 6,000 more words, working out four times again, and getting everything sorted out at the drugstore. I need to take more photos for the SCARE-venger hunt, though.

Besides that, this week I need to give the apartment a good fall clean and trim and dye my hair, and take at least one walk on a nice day to appreciate the leaves before they’re gone.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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16 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Facebook keeps reminding me that it is Treat Yo Self Day, so maybe I’ll treat myself to Portillo’s for dinner. Or buy a dessert when I go grocery shopping.

    • catweazle says:

      Oh my god I miss Portillo’s so much. I have Al’s Beef sometimes but it’s just not the same. Do they not realize how much money they could make if they opened more locations in the city than just the stupid one in the touristy part of downtown???

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        Living in the burbs has its perks! Portillo’s is less than 15 minutes from my house.

        They opened one at Canal and Taylor. I’m not sure if that location is any easier to get to for you.

        • Sota says:

          I still haven’t tried the cake shake. I know maybe its not the greatest or whatever, I just have to know. I HAVE TO KNOW.

        • catweazle says:

          Ugh, that’s even worse. Give us one on the north side, please!

          P.S. Sota, I have never had the cake shake and don’t know what the big deal is about their chocolate cake. I am too busy being slowly drowned in italian beef gravy to care about dessert.

        • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

          I always get the beef and cheddar croissant*, fries, and a piece of cake. If I’m too full, I just save the cake for the next day. The chocolate cake shake is good, but, I can no longer eat that amount of dairy. There are chunks of cake IN the shake.

          *They were recently out of croissants, so I ended up getting a cheeseburger. It was really good, but I was pretty mad that they ran out of a very important item.

  2. catweazle says:

    I finally sent back my gd phone!!!!!!! My new goal is to clean my apartment and also schedule another pickup attempt for the boxes of clothes/books I failed to get rid of before going to Montreal. It might be good that I had to wait though because I’ve finally started pulling my fall/winter clothes out of storage and I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff in there that I can get rid of too.

  3. flanny says:

    I need to
    1) clean my apartment
    2) write Flanoscopes tonight
    3) do laundry because I have a 5K on Saturday and I haven’t washed my running gear in a week. I would prefer not to offend those people running downwind of me, since there will be a lot of them back there because I am SO FAST.

  4. Sota says:

    Here is my list from last week. Still LOTS to do.
    1. Help the BF update his resume. – Partially done. We did quite a bit of work on this actually…not complete, but good progress was made.
    2. Buy new batteries for my TV remote. – Need to do still.
    3. Expense form for work. – Ugh this too. This was a good reminder for me.
    4. Plan a Halloween costume. – Haven’t done this. Sigh.
    5. Get a pedicure next week. – YES! COMPLETE!
    6. Put together some examples of my work as a mini portfolio in case I get called back about that job. – Nope, failed on this one too.
    7. SMILE AND HAVE FUN! (Seriously this is a task, work has been soul-sucking. I can’t let it get to me!) – Well…i will say this is a partial victory. Work is still soul sucking, but I had a wonderful weekend and did lots of smiling and fun-having.

    • Sota says:

      I also need to add laundry to this list. Oh and I accomplished something that wasn’t on the list. I made an eye appointment! Woo!

  5. hotspur says:

    I didn’t write much the past two nights, which means I am hosed if I want to meet my self-imposed deadlines. Glurg! Although on the positive side, I bought groceries last night and also took the cover off my burnt-out kitchen light to see what kind of bulb it takes. That moves me one step closer to actually buying a bulb and no longer cooking by the glow of a camping lamp.

    I’m cutting out of work early today to get a new tooth. Hurrah, I guess.

    Unrelated, right now there is a conversation going on next to me between a senior citizen and a Millennial. The Millennial has never heard of Carol Burnett and the senior is telling a meandering anecdote to fill him in.

    Okay, the anecdote has now progressed to include a time when a friend moved and she helped pack. It was tiring, is the point? Who the hell even knows.

  6. Commentatrix says:

    Hi guys, I’m gonna drop in and officially announce that I will [try to] be taking part in the project club posts because number one on my list is 1. become a person who sets goals. So hi!

    Numbers 2 through 6 for this week are as follows:
    2. Look into getting a membership to the gym/YMCA in my neighborhood because it is no longer sustainable for me to not exercise as a lifestyle.
    3. Go to said gym at least twice by next Thursday (I’m still in Montreal until Saturday, so really, that’s just two visits in the span of four days — a reasonable, nay superhuman, endeavor.
    4. Research optimal ways and eventually initiate the process of detoxing from sugar because I am legit addicted to the stuff; this condition has been exacerbated by being in Montreal and thus not abiding by any general self-control or discipline rules where food and/or money spent on food was concerned. (Yesterday at dinner the bartender gave me a free dessert (caramel “lava” cake with pear ice cream on the side) and like I’m not gonna be rude and not eat every last morsel.)
    5. Return some Aerie purchases made in haste from the internet.
    6. Set some time aside to actually configure/organize my new phone in a way that makes sense rather than having all my apps all willy-nilly on the home screen.

    • Sota says:

      I will join you on 3 and 4. I have a trip with my college roomies next week, but after that I am considering doing a full cleanse of some kind to totally shock my body back to its factory settings. I would love to be off caffeine completely and fewer sugars and processed foods. Cleanses are usually pretty drastic, but I kinda think thats what I need right now.

      • Commentatrix says:

        A few months ago I did a sugar “cleanse” where I didn’t eat any added sugar for 5 weeks (but still ate a ton of fruit), which I thought was pretty impressive at the time. It really did get much easier not to eat sugar after the first week, but almost as soon as I reintroduced it back into my diet, in spite of my best intentions to have it in moderation, i.e. 1-2 dessert items per week, it quickly spiraled out of control again. Now I’m back to feeling bereft and jonesing for it if I don’t have a sweet on any given day. It’s worrisome.

        • Sota says:

          I am the same way. The problem that I need to face is that I reward myself with treats. Which is a TERRIBLE habit. Back when I used to go a nutritionist (which was a really good thing for me when I did it) he told me that food should never be a reward. No one deserves chocolate. Chocolate is the same as Broccoli or any other food, it is a fuel for your body. I try to remind myself of that, but somehow I still think in my brain “I accomplished this terrible work task…I deserve a cookie.” Breaking the habit and the mentality of rewards is the hardest part for me.

          5 weeks is phenomenal for no added sugars. I think you should def feel good about that even if you have fallen back into your previous habits.

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