It’s Project Club Time!

I’ve done okay this past week–I took my walk, took a few more photos, cleaned the apartment, and trimmed my hair (but didn’t dye it). I kept up with my workouts and wrote 3,000 more words, which is good but not great.

This week, I want hit 6,000 words again, go to the store for some household stuff I’m out of, and get a Halloween care package together to send to my brother for my niece and nephew.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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16 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. flanny says:

    I’ve got tomorrow off, and in fact the office is closed so I won’t have that annoying nagging feeling that I could be getting stuff done. So I’m going to live for myself tomorrow! I need to
    1) vacuum
    2) clean out my fridge
    3) go for a run
    4) write an as-yet undetermined number of words, which is going to be really tough because I have nothing in particular I’m working on. Do any of our writerly monsters have tips for how to get writing when you have nothing you’re writing?

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      Just start writing – about whatever you’re thinking and let it just take it’s own shape. The first 20% or so might be garbage, but I bet the last 30% is worth keeping!

    • hotspur says:

      4) Well, lately I invented this stunt for myself: First, I design a fake book cover in photoshop. Something stupid. THE LAMPS OF THE HOUSE, BY CORKWELL SNIRE. Then, I set an ambitious length and put a moronic deadline on it. “I will write 32k words in 7 days.” Then I just start typing. I don’t even think. There’s no time to think! I need 32k words to match that cover and I only have 7 days!

      This helps me because habitually I get bogged down in details. Flying through with no thinking or worrying, using no firm outline, is the exact right thing to clear my head — given my particular quirks/flaws.

      You may have different needs. But I find this fun and it helps me refresh, especially if I really have no idea what else to do.

      I’m doing okay on my current fast-writin’ project, ~3k words per weeknight, but that’s not enough. My parents are visiting this weekend, and wrapping up before they arrive is gonna be a photo finish.

      In other project news, I installed the new kitchen lightbulb and it also doesn’t work. So either I got a bum bulb or the fixture is dead. Can fixtures die? Either way I don’t want to deal with this. How long can I tolerate having no light in my kitchen because I just don’t want to escalate my problem-solving effort? The answer may shock you.

    • I know what helped me start the thing I’m actually making progress on was getting out a pad and pen and writing down all the vague, disjointed ideas I had (both possible plotlines and just general things I like to read/write and want out of a story) and trying to figure out how to make as many of them as possible work together.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I haven’t set out any projects for myself anytime lately, but I do have a Halloween party to go to next Friday and no costume yet so that’s project number one!
    Today I was hoping to get one of those brownies I’ve mentioned here before but no dice. So that’s not really my project, but disappointing nonetheless.

  3. nastyemu says:

    Last week my project was finding a place to live in Philly and Femu figuring out if she would be able to work remotely or if she needed to find a new job. Instead she got offered a really good promotion that would mean we relocate to Providence and I would need to quit a job I haven’t even started yet. It’s a lot to process.

    • hotspur says:

      Wowow, of all the problems to have — two great jobs, two new cities?! Have you been to both cities? Personally I love Providence. But that is based on 90 minutes I spent there 20+ years ago and the fact that Lovecraft lived there. You know what, don’t listen to me.

      • nastyemu says:

        We both grew up not far from Philly and we’ve both lived there, but not together. We love it. Never been to Providence. Providence seems great, but it’s scary because we’ll have to actually make friends with strangers.

        • martinmegz says:

          I vote move to Providence just because it provides so many opportunities to for puns

        • martinmegz says:

          Nope I changed my mind almost immediately – move to Philly and sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song all the time

        • nastyemu says:

          The Fresh Prince theme song is not exactly pro-Philadelphia. Also, if you aren’t familiar with the area please don’t go to West Philly and walk around singing that song. It probably won’t work out well for you.

  4. martinmegz says:

    I re-started my gym membership so now I have to get my butt to the gym. Plus I need to write some articles for my side job because I’ve been slacking and now I need the extra money to pay for this gym membership that costs too much.

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Goal #1 is to figure out what is going on with my stomach. I’ve been on and off again sick the last few weeks, and I thought it was a bad reaction to a new prescription, but I’ve been off of the medicine since Saturday, and I feel worse. I have a message in to my doctor, so hopefully he will point me in the right direction. I’m so hungry! I’ve been eating small, bland meals. I haven’t even had any candy since Sunday! That’s so many days for me to go without candy.

    I also need to finish cleaning out the garage before the weather turns cold. I’m hopefully going to get that done over the weekend.

  6. catweazle says:

    I accomplished nothing basically unless you count adding like three items to the “donate” pile. But whatever! The next few weeks are going to be absolutely nuts at work so I’m going to just attempt to not go crazy. Apartment cleaning does need to happen but I think I need the threat of guests to get me to actually do it so maybe I’ll invite some people over for a spooky movie watching party or something next week.

  7. Commentatrix says:

    I did TERRIBLE this week. TERRIBLE.* Did not accomplish any of the things I set out, but in my defense, jet lag. Also, laziness. Also, I WILL be going to the Planet Fitness near my work over my lunch break today to at least subscribe.** It will be tough because it would mean having to go straight after work, which in turn means that my dear sweet dog will have to wait for me to come home for an extra hour on top of an already lengthy day all alone. 😦

    So my To Do list for this week is pretty much recycled from before.

    1. Go to the gym three times.
    2. Go to the post office to mail back some purchases.
    3. Organize my new phone.

    *I did accomplish one thing that wasn’t on my list, namely buying an awesome birthday present for my mom!
    **How is Planet Fitness so cheap, you guys? What’s the catch?

    • nastyemu says:

      I think PF stays cheap because they don’t offer classes, which means they don’t have to employ anyone that knows anything. Also I bet there’s lots of people that stop going but don’t cancel because it’s relatively cheap and they convince themselves that they’ll start going again soon and they don’t want to have to sign up again.

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