How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was nice and relaxing, but I should have gotten more done. I did make meatloaf, however, which made me feel very adult and accomplished, like cooking an actual meal instead of throwing things in the microwave and hoping for the best always does.


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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    We are not big on sports in the Costco household, but we did watch the Cubs game, and I’m happy Chicago is doing well. You could not pay me any amount of money to stand and celebrate in the crowded streets and bars they kept showing on the news.

    We watched the new Ghostbusters, but we didn’t see the Walking Dead – don’t tell me who gets killed! Even though I’m pretty sure I saw a spoiler on Facebook.

    • martinmegz says:

      Please tell me if I should watch the new Ghostbusters, specifically will I enjoy it?

      • flanny says:

        I liked it, and the middle schoolers from Saturday also liked it. And they’re, like, good middle schoolers. They like Hamilton.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        I’m maybe not the best person to ask since I only just saw the original Ghostbusters this last year. Also, I only saw part of the new one. I wasn’t feeling good, so I tapped out half way through.

        I liked the new one from what I saw, and I’m not even usually a big fan of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Chris Hemsworth was funny as the dumb receptionist. Bonus points for Zach Woods having a small part.

        There was a terrible cover version of the Ghostbusters theme song. Like, really terrible, so be warned about that.

        I plan on watching the rest at some point because I did laugh a bunch, and that’s all I was really looking for in a silly movie about ghosts. Whether or not it holds up to the original – I have no opinion on that.

  2. martinmegz says:

    The weekend is what happens when I’m busy making plans but fail to do anything then all of a sudden it’s Monday again. I got a few hours of work done and wasted a couple hours watching Haylie Duff’s Cooking Channel show. It’s pathetic. I need better weekends, now accepting suggestions for what to do with my time.

  3. catweazle says:

    My class’s show went pretty well. I got to wear this ridiculous sequined blazer I bought at a thrift store a few weeks ago which was a highlight. The bar we were playing at was showing the Cubs game so there was a lot of intermittent yelling and cheering coming from the bar area which was obnoxious but whatevs. I got in a cab to go home like right when the game ended so I had the harrowing experience of driving past a bunch of sports enthusiasts standing on the side of the road with signs screaming for people to honk.

    Yesterday Joanna Newsom’s label released a song that was cut from her last album in honor of the album’s one year anniversary which was an unexpected delight. I listened to it a bunch and then baked some cookies to bring in to work since this week is going to be a shitshow and then went and hung out with FRQ for a bit. That is twice as many things as I usually do on Sundays because I am lazy, but it was nice!

    • catweazle says:

      This is the blazer btw:

      It is from Iman’s clothing line which seemed very appropriate since we played multiple Bowie songs.

    • flanny says:

      I wish you strength during the Cubs chaos. Half the reason I actively rooted against the Red Sox when I lived in Boston is because I didn’t want them to make it to the World Series so I wouldn’t have to deal with the craziness surrounding Fenway Park when I was literally just trying to go home at the end of a long work day. I’m actually going to Boston for a wedding this weekend, and I was living in fear that they’d beat Cleveland and then my weekend would have been ruined.

      • catweazle says:

        Yeah I’m just going to hide in my apartment on game days. Although one of them is the day of the Halloween thing I’m going to which isn’t in Wrigleyville but is closer to it than I am.

  4. flanny says:

    Volunteering with a bunch of kiddo writers on Saturday was fun, except that middle schoolers are bonkers for two things: 1) dystopian novels. 2) Hamilton. I am not and really have never been a fan of dystopian novels so all their talk of imaginary politics and whatever really tired me out. I have not seen nor heard Hamilton, but contrary to what I would have thought, it’s not fun to listen to a bunch of middle schoolers argue about 18th century politics. Maybe because it’s 2016 and I’m politics burnt out. Maybe in 2014 it would have been cute. Anyway, I still enjoyed my time because it’s always kind of fun to hang out with little kids who are the same kind of nerdy as you were when you were a middle schooler.

    Then after volunteering I had dinner at a friend’s, and we actually had plans to go to an improv festival, but we ended up just talking and talking and kept missing the shows. It was nice though! I ain’t mad!

  5. Commentatrix says:

    Guys, I’m having a hard time. I’ve been deleting and starting over this comment a bunch of times because there’s just no good way to say this without ruining everyone’s day, so I apologize for that. On Thursday I got the extremely upsetting news that one of my friends (from two jobs ago) had been found dead with her ex-boyfriend in an apparent murder suicide. It’s been awful to say the least. Not much more than that is known, except that she had broken up with him about a month ago, got fired from her job the following day in the world’s most unfortunate coincidence (and probably for a bullshit reason if my past experience with her boss is any indication), then became unresponsive to texts and other communication almost immediately (one day, tops). I’m pretty sure I have a fairly good grasp on the timeline of events, as far as sheer speculation goes, and it’s been sickening and haunting. She was almost free of him. Also, good job us for not becoming alarmed enough at any point over the last few weeks to do more than just text her that we were worried and to please let us know she was OK.

    In retrospect, she was always the slightly distant one in our group and would often cancel social plans the day of or at best show up with her boyfriend and leave early (because he was controlling and a scrub). In spite of this, I’m fairly certain we were still her closest friends in the area. My other friend spoke to her father last week and he said she hadn’t been in touch with her family for months and months, more of her ex’s isolating tactics for sure. Guys, she had such a bright future. Like, unusually so. You just never think this sort of thing can happen to someone like that. I’ve reached a point where I’m not thinking about this every single moment of every day, but some of my other friends who continued to work with her most of this year are having a much harder time, and it all just sucks. Everything about this is tragic and I hate everyone. Myself and my old boss and all the neighbors who somehow didn’t hear the gunshots or notice that anything was amiss for close to a month. Some of us have agreed to meet her family for coffee when they come out here in the next week or so, and I just don’t even know how I will face them. I can’t stop thinking about how they will eventually be able to go through her phone and see my stupid last few texts to her that were like, “let us know you’re OK because we’re like one step away from calling the cops on [bf] lol.”

    I’m filled with shame and dread but obviously I want her family to know that she was doing great in her life and had people who cared about her. They must think she was a deadbeat like her ex because all they know is that she got fired, and the opposite is true, she was ultra competent. She had so much ambition and was constantly applying and interviewing for jobs and leveraging other job offers for a better salary, etc. — the only one of us who actually did something other than just complain about our shitty jobs. It’s an enormous and senseless loss that is getting slowly easier but no less unconscionable. Needing your hugs and good thoughts today.

    • flanny says:

      So many hugs, Trix! Literal constant hugs. I’ll be thinking about you and everyone involved!

    • martinmegz says:

      This is awful, I’m so sorry. My first thought is that you’re being too hard on yourself because I don’t know what you could reasonably have done if she didn’t reach out for help. You made it clear that you were there for her and that you cared. Still, I totally get what you’re feeling. It’s not the same situation, but a good friend of mine committed suicide five years ago and I still don’t understand how none of us were able to see it coming. I felt like I was underwater for at least a year after that happened. This is really shitty and tragic. I’d love to hear some of your good memories about your friend if you feel like talking about her at some point.

    • summerestherson says:

      Oh, Trix. Thoughts, hugs, prayers, everything – you’ve got ’em. And please, take care of yourself – THIS ISN’T YOUR FAULT.

    • catweazle says:

      I’m so sorry 😦

      Like martinmegz said, don’t be so hard on yourself (easier said than done I know)! There’s no way you can really know what’s going on with a person unless they reach out to you and it really sucks that things ended up this way but there isn’t anything you could have done. It was a shitty person doing a shitty thing and the blame can rest squarely on his dead head. Sending many virtual hugs.

    • I am so sorry about your friend, that is truly awful and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. I know it’s hard but just try to remember that the ONLY person responsible is the person who committed the crime.

      • Commentatrix says:

        Thank you guys so much. It’s not that I blame myself for not seeing it coming because truly no one could have seen this coming. If they were having serious problems or if he showed signs of being dangerous before, she never said anything, so we all just thought he was a garden-variety scrub. I do think we could have helped her get discovered sooner. My friends and I kept joking that she was ghosting us or rationalizing that maybe she’d moved back to the East Coast or turned off her phone to offset the loss of income, all plausible possibilities, but still. It’s like we kept applying Occam’s Razor to why she’d stopped talking to us, but in retrospect, the simplest explanation SHOULD have been the most awful one all along.

    • Ugh, how awful. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your friend! Sending hugs and good thoughts your way!

    • gnidrah says:

      I know I’m fly-by-night here at the moment, but I still read whenever I can and I am thinking of you. What a terrible thing for all, and very, very sad. Everyone has said exactly what I would say too, which is that it is not your fault, but I can 100% understand why you feel that way – at least you *did* reach out, rather than not at all. It will be hard to see her family, but I think they would surely be pleased to see how much her friends cared.

      Shout if you need anything xxxx

    • Sota says:

      Sending you all the monster love and hugs!

  6. Guys. Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (and Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc.) retweeted my tweet about Chris Evans in Scott Pilgrim and tagged Chris in it.

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