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EW PopFest to Give Us a Happy Ending(s Reunion)

Hey do you guys remember this song? I’m going to date myself by saying this was a big song when I was in college. I lived with my friend Pjetur (pronounced Peter) who was obsessed with *NYSNC so he waited … Continue reading

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Tournament of Hotties: Month of Scares Edition — Round Three

We’re working double-time now because Halloween is next Monday and this tournament will cease to be interesting/relevant at 12:01AM on Tuesday, November 1st. So I hope you’re satisfied with your Round Two votes because polls are closed and we’re pushing forward!

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was FRAUGHT WITH ANNOYANCES. First, my downstairs neighbor, who’s normally very quiet and un-bothersome, decided to bang stuff around at 4 AM. Then work was busy and stressful, with way too many phone calls (too many phone calls = … Continue reading

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Anne Hathaway Won’t Be Happy Until Everyone Hates Her

Okay, first of all, I don’t really hate Anne Hathaway. She seems to mean well. I just think she’s pretty tone-deaf about the stupid things that come out of her mouth. She’s definitely not even the second-worst, but this is a call … Continue reading

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Let’s Keep This Creepy Mood Going

Here’s your chance to recreate Labyrinth with raccoons. Via Incredible Things

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(Belated) Tuesday TV Talk

Apologies for not getting this up earlier, but here is your Tuesday TV talk thread! Talk about TV! I haven’t watched anything in ages, so alas, I can’t really participate. I’m gearing up for Gilmore Girls and The Crown on … Continue reading

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Tournament of Hotties: Month of Scares Edition — Round Two

Welcome back! You’ve had a full week to voice your opinions on the first round of this spooky contest; now it’s time to vote on those who survived the bloodbath!

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