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I hope everyone’s Halloween hangovers/sugar crashes are subsiding and you are gearing up for the best holiday of them all, Thanksgiving. The place where I live has a massive Halloween festival every year so I’m writing this at midnight to the lovely soundtrack of a million local news helicopters flying above getting b-roll. Anyways, let’s talk TV.

The Good Place – I finally caught up in this after watching the first two weeks and I am still on the fence about it. I know a lot of people who absolutely love it but a lot of the humor falls flat to me. It’s one of those shows that I’ll turn on if I’m bored and don’t want to pay close attention but not one that I would notice if I missed it for several weeks. That being said, I love Adam Scott and he is great as the douchebag in charge of the bad place and I will almost probably try to watch the episodes he’s in.

This Is Us – I wasn’t particularly surprised by the reveal that Jess from Gilmore Girls had died by the present day episodes. I also thought that Toby was being pretty annoyingly pushy about Kate watching the game. I’m not totally sold on their dynamic yet. I do love Kevin though, he is just the perfect combination of dumb but sweet that I look for in a man. The whole painting “this is us” speech at the end felt really overly-saccharine to me but I would be interested in hearing who thought it was heartwarming vs. overly done.

Black Mirror – So far I’ve only watched the first episode of the new season and while it was good, I think Community did it better.

The thing that is terrifying about Black Mirror is that they do an amazing job of showing extreme examples of situations that are definitely plausible.

Galavant – I know I’m late to the party on this one but I’ve been watching it on Netflix and find it delightful and hilarious. The episode where Galavant and John Stamos joust at a slow walk and both fall off their horses had me literally laughing out loud, which is a rarity. I just finished season one and I’m excited for season two, even though I know that’s the end 😦

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m glad that there are signs that Rebecca is starting to see that Josh is not necessarily the best guy for her. The show has always been so hyper-focused on him and her obsession with him but the later episode show how good it is when they focus on some of the peripheral characters. I love that White Josh is dumb but also super observant and attuned to the group dynamics. I think they’re doing a great job with Greg’s alcoholism because I think in tv and movies, alcoholics are usually portrayed as the blackout drunk, can’t hold a job, rock-bottom types instead of what I think is more common in the way that it manifests with Greg. No, he hasn’t destroyed his life or killed someone or can’t go an hour without drinking but instead it’s a more pervasive and you get the lack of control he has when he starts drinking. It feels more genuine and authentic to what most people’s experiences with alcohol problems are and I like that they are portraying it that way. In that vein, I wasn’t crazy about the lyrics of Greg’s drinking song because I think it was the opposite of what his story has been and the audience hasn’t seen any of the extreme behavior that he described, but the musical numbers are much more heightened. I’m really interested to see where they go with the story.

Eyewitness – This show is much darker in tone and in aesthetic than the classic USA “blue sky television” but I’m liking it. I’ll pretty much watch any show that has gay crisis + murder and a big name female director behind it and so far, it hasn’t let me down. I do feel like they gave away far too much of the mystery instead of building suspense in a meaningful way. Instead of wondering whether the killer from the opening is responsible for the other stuff going on, we know he is and so far, just seems like an irredeemable monster. I wish they were doing a better job of creating a moral uncertainty of what he’s doing and why he’s killing people but at this point, he’s murdered three teenagers so it just seems like “because he’s evil” is the answer. I am also a little unclear about the relationship between Helen and Philip. Obviously she is fostering but I am confused as to whether she and her husband are just total strangers who are fostering a kid or if they are somehow related to him and his mother (maybe sisters to parallel the FBI agent and her sister?) Also, maybe it’s just because I watched Broadchurch but I get a hella creepy vibe from Helen’s husband. He seems a little too nice and earnest and interested in Philip in a way that makes me uncomfortable when I see them together. It’s definitely plausible that I am reading wayyyyy too much into it but I don’t know, there’s something about him that seems off.

Shockingly, all of the shows in the cancellation pool are still hanging in there (although Notorious is on its deathbed) so I’ll continue to keep an eye on that but for now, we still don’t have a winner.

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13 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Rectify kicked off its new season, and it was great. A+++

    Ash vs. Evil Dead is the grossest show I have ever seen, but I love it. Bruce Campbell is hilarious, and I am very impressed with the special effects and makeup.

    We are a little behind on Insecure, but I have really enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen.

    We are also behind on Westworld, but I’m hoping we can catch up on those this week.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m also an episode behind on Project Runway because my DVR cut out the first ten minutes of the episode, but can we talk about that dress that Laurence made for the cocktail dress challenge?!?!

    It was probably one of my favorite designs that I have ever seen on this show. Nina was right. That dress was “the Bentley of little black dresses.”

    • flanny says:


      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        SPOILERS for that episode…

        How did she not win? I will never understand the judges’ fascination with those embellishments or whatever they kept calling them. The gold dress was fine, and I liked the silhouette, but I thought the add ons looked kind of cheap and crafty.

  3. Sota says:

    I also watched The Good Place and I always just wish it was better than it is. Its meh. I also watched the second episode of American Housewife, despite the fact that I truly hated the first one, which just goes to show that some good pop up advertising will suck me into just about anything if I am bored enough. The second episode somehow was not as bad. I may even watch again, depending on my boredom levels.

    I watched the first 2 episodes of TVD. [SPOILERS AHEAD!]
    Maybe its because it feels like this show has been on for 200 years, but I am already bored with this new villain. Oooo she sings. I kind of wish she was a nameless faceless scary thing a bit longer. Regarding love interests: I am already rooting for Alaric and the sassy intern. Bonnie and Enzo’s love story is somehow super super romantic to me. I loooove them. And Steroline is snoozeballs. I was kind of peeved that Stefan didn’t even get down on a knee and then seemed surprised he actually had to ask officially to propose. What happened to the Stefan who was an old school gentleman? That’s his whole thing. He would have thrived on the ceremony of the whole proposal idea.

  4. Sota says:

    Just saw a headline that Timeless just got picked up for a full season.

  5. catweazle says:

    I loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween episode even though I figured out who was behind the plaque shenanigans pretty much immediately. Holt walking in with the marching band behind him was the best!

  6. martinmegz says:

    I gave up on The Good Place, This Is Us, and Secrets & Lies. I still love Madame Secretary even though I’m under 65 and not in the usual CBS demographic. This week I started re-watching Justified and hot damn that was a great show. If you haven’t ever watched it, please consider my pitch.

    It’s a fantastic drama with humor, gun fights, and great acting; kind of a modern western but it’s not rooted in any specific time so even the 2010 episodes feel fresh today. The characters are incredibly interesting and the dialogue is dripping with Elmore Leonard-esque wit. Timothy Olyphant shines as the protagonist who doesn’t need to speak to convey volumes. Walter Goggins is ostensibly the bad guy, but he develops the character so robustly that we end up rooting for him, too.

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