Catching up with Cumberbatch: The “I should have done this sooner” Edition

Hi all!  The last time I made an update to our file, it was summer, Sherlock was still in production, and Doctor Strange was just a far-away film.  My how time files!  There’s so much Benedict Cumberbatch news that I can barely contain myself!  I don’t even know where to begin.  So let’s start here, shall we?

Benedict and Sophie are about to have another baby!  Kit is going to be a big brother!  Good for them (I’m still jealous tho.  Coulda been me.  I woulda had a Cumber-kid!)


In addition, Benedict has been on the late show circuit, charming both Graham Norton (who doesn’t charm him though?!) and Jimmy Kimmel!



Last, but certainly not least, it appears our (my) favorite Tournament of Hotties Winner (not the real winner) will be on SNL this weekend.  Will I be able to watch?  Who am I kidding, I will watch the best clips online like a real adult!



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3 Responses to Catching up with Cumberbatch: The “I should have done this sooner” Edition

  1. FRQ says:

    That’s probably one of the better SNL promos I’ve seen.

  2. hotspur says:

    The Kimmel clip is good. If I was 14-16 (which I think of as talkshow age? Because you’re old enough to stay up late, but not old enough to leave the house?), I’d watch his.

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