So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was ok–I still didn’t feel great, but went to work and got a lot done, and then came home and collapsed on the couch and watched historical documentaries until I felt human again. Just FYI, I won’t be posting tomorrow (the Dance Party post will still go up on Friday, though), so Happy Thanksgiving and may you be spared travel delays and awkward family conversations.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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14 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. martinmegz says:

    What’s everyone up to for Thanksgiving? I’m going to the gym in the morning then attending a Friendsgiving Texas BBQ in the afternoon! Low stress, high alcohol consumption. I plan to burn through a few seasons of Justified this weekend. Arrested Development marathons are another Thanksgiving favorite of mine. Any other binge watching suggestions?

    I have podcast recommendation for any Princess Bride fans. I listened to this Cary Elwes interview yesterday and he is a delight! Also, I learned how to pronounce his last name. The interview starts 14 or 15 minutes in, and he does so many wonderful impressions and tells great stories. He’s so charming, I can totally see how a princess fell in love with him.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      The A.V. Club has a list of shows to binge watch –

      I highly recommend Veronica Mars, and if you’ve seen that, iZombie is also great.

      Did you know there are a bunch of Princess Bride board games? I don’t remember how I stumbled upon that recently, but I was very surprised.

    • flanny says:

      I’m going to my aunt and uncle’s house, which I am not looking forward to because their grandchildren (my cousins’ kids) are all starting to loop me in getting married and buying houses and having babies. :\

    • FRQ says:

      My friends have been begging me to watch Rick and Morty, so I’ll probably sit down and plow through that. I also have to watch Season 3 of Transparent. I doubt I’ll get through that, since I also have like 4 movies to watch.

    • I’ll be heading to my parents’ house with my brother and sister-in-law and the dogs, where we’ll all eat too much and be forced to watch football by said brother and my mom.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I can’t complain at the moment, but I have to go to the grocery store later, and I’m guessing that is going to be an absolute nightmare. I only need to get a few things, but while I’m there I might grab a pumpkin pie if they have any left.

  3. catweazle says:

    It is gloomy and rainy today which I usually like but it’s too cold now for rain to be pleasant. Also I am sleepy. My phone was buzzing all night because I made a #trollprofessorwatchlist tweet yesterday that became popular because apparently people like Harry Potter references and it made me want to never tweet anything anybody likes again because sure, during daylight hours it was mildly gratifying, but I am too dumb to have turned off Twitter notifications on my phone before bed and now I just feel grouchy about the whole thing. Damn social media!

    I have to work on Friday but I’m working from home and it’s not going to be busy so it feels like Friday today. Also I’m taking half of next week off so it’s almost like the start of a vacation, so of course time is crawling today. I’m passing the time by listening to Gilmore Guys and reading infuriating articles about the DAPL shitshow and what a shithead Bernie is for asking people to forget about “identity politics” and focus on the white working class which is maddening but also weirdly energizing. So weird vibes all around today!

  4. flanny says:

    I’ve got the day off so I started out the day by calling my congresspeople and telling them not to be spineless assholes. Then I went shopping for the 8-year-old I’m “adopting” for Christmas. (Is there a word for this relationship? I was given her name by a charity and I went out and bought presents for her. it’s such a common thing, but I feel like there’s no standard term for it.) Her name is Anna and she wrote all her requests in Spanish, so I hope she has a very Feliz Navidad. Then I wrote some, and I just got a latte so I’m going to sit inside, watch the rain, and read the new Michael Chabon book until I have to leave for yoga this evening.

    • martinmegz says:

      That is very nice of you to do! What is the word? Sponsoring? Santa-ing?

      I’ve been sending my brother birthday cards in Spanish for the last several years and his refusal to acknowledge receipt of the cards has made me really dig in and commit to this bit. I think it’s hilarious even if he isn’t amused. I just bought him a Felices Quinceañeras card for his 40th birthday.

  5. hotspur says:

    I am heading to the Bay Area for the traditional vegetarian friendsgiving. I am part of the hosting crew, in charge of mashed yams and glazed carrots. There will also be one or two risottos, a lasagna, home-made ice cream, expensive cheeses, and wines galore.

    Meanwhile it is slated to rain in LA, and my ceiling has a leak. I left a bucket and towels, but there is a chance I will come home to a disaster. Fingers crossed my material possessions are not destroyed by a vengeful ceiling god!

  6. Erika says:

    We’re having a few friends over for Thanksgiving, and I’m making way too much food as usual, although I’ve refused to make dressing because I’ve come to terms with the fact that I hate it. I also hate turkey, but at least this year I’m covering it in bacon. But I came down with a head cold last night and got very little sleep, so once I’m done cleaning and doing some food prep, I’m going to soak in the tub and get zonked out on store brand Nywuil.

    • martinmegz says:

      Ah, this raises an interesting debate! Dressing vs. Stuffing. Is it a regional difference or a technical one? Would you call it stuffing if it went into the bird, or is it dressing to you no matter what? For me, dressing is such an odd word for in this context that I really had to think about what you meant. I thought you hated salad dressing.

      • nastyemu says:

        My NC relatives always called it dressing, so I assumed it was a southern thing. No clue if that’s actually true though.

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