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Happy New Year! Let’s Dance!

Well, we made it, friends. Let’s see what 2017 brings. My expectations are…not high, but I still plan on making the most of it. What are you doing for New Year’s? I’m worn out from last weekend and will be … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Final Banana of the Year

This isn’t a statement about 2016, just a ridiculous sight. Via Tastefully Offensive

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It’s Free-For-All Time!

Look, I’ll level with you: I accomplished exactly jack butt this week. My brother’s been in town and we’ve been hanging out and stuffing our faces and going to see a Star War (I liked Rogue One!). I’ve got a … Continue reading

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The Best Movies and TV of 2016

Now here’s a category where I have actual valid opinions! I spend more time than I’d like to admit watching TV and movies so I certainly have more than two items for these categories.

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So, How Was Your Day?

Well, besides the truly terrible news about Carrie Fisher (WHEN WILL 2016’S REIGN OF TERROR END? I mean…I know when: in a few days, when the year is over, but you feel me), I had a good day. Work was … Continue reading

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The Best Albums of 2016

Hello friends! Some of us are unlucky enough to have to work this week, so why don’t we pass the time by reflecting on our favorite things of 2016? We’ll start with albums. Many albums by popular recording artists were released … Continue reading

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Uncooperative Gifts

She’s past the age of being amused by empty boxes. Via Pleated Jeans

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