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The Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday morning.  It included some categories in television, and some that aren’t in television (Deadpool right?).  Feel free to discuss your favorites and/or snubs.  Though, really, at this point there are so many shows that either snubs are inevitable or you’ll have to have 30 nominees per category.


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  1. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I wish we had a different word for snub than snub because to me, “snub” implies so grand plan to keep someone from getting the nomination or year after year the same person/show gets overlooked when it seems like the clear frontrunner (The Wire), whereas most of the time this is just a really competitive category and the “snub” is just someone you wished would have gotten nominated. Like you say, otherwise there would just be 30 nominees in each category.

  2. flanny says:

    *whispers* Guys, Stranger Things was fun and all, but was it really good enough for a drama award? It’s just replicating things that were done thirty years ago, and I would argue that those things even in their hay-day might not have been award-worthy. *ends whispering, clutches box of Eggos*

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I do think the series was pretty great, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Winona Ryder’s performance. I would rather see Tatiana Maslany in that spot.

    • I think that was definitely a “we’ve got to get those cute kids everyone loves on this red carpet for ratings purposes” nom.

  3. catweazle says:

    I can’t get too mad because the Golden Globes are always ridiculous and any organization that nominates Ryan Reynolds for an acting award clearly has no credibility, but I’m sad that Arrival didn’t get a Best Drama nomination. It was soooooooooo good!

    I am concerned that La La Land is going to win everything at every award show and even though I haven’t seen it and I’m sure it’s perfectly good something seems hella gross about a movie whose premise seems to be “Musical about how hard it is to be an attractive young white heterosexual in LA” beating out Moonlight which should clearly win everything.

    • flanny says:

      Thank you! I’m sure La La Land is a romp, but I’m more than over movies about showbiz. I am equally as over books about writers.

      • catweazle says:

        It also doesn’t help that I’ve had to watch the La La Land trailer before every single movie I’ve seen over the last two months. If I have to listen to Emma Stone trying to emote by sounding breathy while singing “Here’s to the ones who dreaaaaaaam” one more time….

  4. I have been single-mindedly obsessed with a Norwegian teen show called Skam the last few weeks to even think about anything else. It’s an amazing show and the writing is some of the best I’ve ever seen. They do this thing where they post the clips from the episodes in real time (if a character is in class on Tuesday at 10 am, they drop the clip then, etc.) and they also release tons of text messages between the characters and social media posts to supplement the episodes. It’s really interesting but it has the added side effect of making it hard to focus on anything else because you never know when you are getting something new. Luckily, the season ends on Friday so I’ll be able to get some semblance of a life back by then hopefully but I’m already in mourning that it will be over.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I’ve heard about this show – are the episodes only made up of the posted clips or are they just part of the story? Can you follow the story if you don’t keep up with the social media posts?

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Also how do I watch in English??

        • The episodes are made up of the posted clips and then every Friday, the air the episode on tv which is all the clips plus usually one more that we haven’t seen. You don’t have to keep up with the texts and social media, its just there to add an extra layer to what is going on. There’s a really strong fan community on Tumblr who immediatly translates the episodes and texts when they get posted. This DailyMotion channel has all of them except for episode 6 so far.

          I also have all the episodes downloaded so if anyone wants them, let me know and I can email you a google drive link.

          Every season is a new character and focuses solely on their story so you don’t really need to see season 1 or 2 before you watch this one and I think this one is by far the best.

          I love this show so much so if anyone else has questions about it, feel free to ask because nothing makes me happier than more people watching it!

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Rectify’s final episode is this week!

    I always eat dinner while watching shows, but I had to put my fork down during last week’s opening scene. It was just so hard to listen to and so emotional.

    I know awards aren’t the most important thing in the world, but it makes me sad that this show is not recognized more often. Especially Clayne Crawford and Aden Young.

  6. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m really glad Issa Rae got nominated for Insecure!

    I am wondering though why that category has 6 nominees, but others only have 5.

  7. martinmegz says:

    How’s everyone feeling about The Walking Dead these days? I watched the last few episodes in fast forward because there’s so much happening that I don’t care about. I might be totally done with it.

    I still think Lethal Weapon is the break out hit of the season and I enjoy Shooter on USA. New Girl had a rough start to the season in my opinion, but now the jokes are really funny again even when the plot isn’t very good (go away Robbie!!!).

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I haven’t seen the latest episode of the Walking Dead, but I have grown pretty tired of it, and will likely stop watching after this season. My biggest problem is the pacing – every episode singling out one person or group while ignoring entire plot points/characters for weeks just doesn’t work. In the episode that they showed what was going on with Maggie/Sasha/Jesus, I had completely forgotten that older jerk leader was even there.

      Lethal Weapon is great, but I stopped recording it because our DVR was pretty full, and I didn’t think I would have time to catch up, so I’ll have to buy individual episodes or wait until it hits Netflix.

      Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans presented an award at the Critics Choice, and it was funny because they made jokes about Mel Gibson who was in the audience. Also, whoever won wasn’t there, so they accepted on their behalf, and I wished that the award was going home with Clayne Crawford because he is awesome.

  8. Can we talk about movies? Because I finally saw Moana and it was great and adorable and beautifully animated but hoo boy, as someone who is very afraid of the ocean and water in general I was unexpectedly stressed out by a bunch of it. I mean, I knew what it was about so I have only myself to blame, but I didn’t think animated waves would freak me out that much. THEY DID.

    • FRQ says:

      You know, I was also worried about that going into that movie, as I am deathly afraid of water so deep you can’t see the floor. Fortunately it wasn’t an issue, and I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the sailing scenes, and accompanying Lin-Manuel Miranda song. Really makes me want to finish Wind Waker.

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