My Plans For Tonight

If you saw it last night SHUT THE F UP WE’LL TALK ABOUT IT NEXT WEEK.

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12 Responses to My Plans For Tonight

  1. catweazle says:

    I was going to wait and see it with my family on Christmas but apparently my brother and sister-in-law are seeing it tonight so f that, I’m going to see it this weekend! I have to wait until Sunday though 😦

  2. flanny says:

    I’m also planning on seeing it with the family over Christmas. I hope my sister cries at the end like she did in Force Awakens so that my niece and I can make fun of her.

  3. nastyemu says:

    What’s everyone’s excitement level for this? I’m going to see it because I like Star Wars, but it seems like the only reason to make it is so Disney can get a return on their billions a little quicker. Maybe I’m just old and cynical now, but I can’t imagine there were lots of fans clamoring for another Death Star movie.

    • catweazle says:

      I was very skeptical when it was announced but I got excited about it after the trailers. It seems darker than most Star Wars movies which I think will be interesting. I’ve also just been hearing good things about it. And Diego Luna is in it and he’s a forever babe. I just read this interview with him where he talks about how important it is that the movie is so diverse and how huge of a Star Wars fan he was as a kid but he never thought he’d be able to be in a Star Wars movie. It made me love him more and also made me more excited for the movie:

      • martinmegz says:

        He is great! I saw an article where he mentioned there are no buttons in the Star Wars universe which was so interesting. No zippers, buttons, etc., all the clothes are just folded.

        • hotspur says:

          That is the result of events that precede Episode I. When nascent imperialists first devised a method to seize control of the Republic by instigating a Trade Federation blockade of Naboo, they thought it wise first to test a smaller-scale version of the plan. To this end, Nute Gunray mounted a fasteners embargo on the Ziptar system. Long story short, they boxed themselves into a hardline, zero-tolerance response to resistance, and ended up deploying a droid army that leveled all manufacturing capability systemwide — and, of course, Ziptar was the seat of a galactic monopoly on button, zipper, and snap fabrication. The fallout was tremendous, and dominated fashion throughout the Imperial Era. Worth noting: Darth Sidious, heir to a sprawling belt-manufacturing concern on Cinchee, was one of the few who profited enormously from the cratering of Ziptar. But let’s not be too cynical; many historians point out that the early Imperialists learned from their missteps on Zipton to apply a lighter touch when approaching Naboo; without that tragedy, the early days of the Empire might well have been much bloodier, and the Rebellion might have been afforded no ground to take root.

          I don’t know why I wrote all this. I should go home. I saw Rogue One last night and am looking forward to our discussion of it. There is much to discuss.

    • FRQ says:

      I’m not as excited about Rogue One as I am about the main movies, but I always welcome more Star Wars content, especially with how good they’ve generally been since Disney purchased the franchise. That being said, I give zero shits about this upcoming Han Solo origin story.

      • flanny says:

        I was going to make a Sean Patrick Flanery joke, and then I googled Sean Patrick Flanery and dude is 51 years old. Young Indiana Jones is older than normal aged Indiana Jones was in the movies!!! And he doesn’t look very much like Harrison Ford.

    • I definitely wasn’t as excited going in, mostly because it didn’t feel real. We just had Star Wars last year! How can we have it again? But after seeing it I will say that I’m excited for what they’re doing with the expanded universe. It was definitely a different tone than the main stories and that was great.

      • nastyemu says:

        Those were my exact feelings when the trailer first came out because I completely missed the announcement. Then I watched it and was like “where are Poe, Rey, and Finn? Who is this lady? The Death Star again?”
        I don’t think I’ve let go of my nerd rage since then. I’m pretty sure I won’t like Rogue One very much but it’s gonna look really good.

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