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Merry Christmas From Abroad

Always nice to take in other cultures. Via Neatorama

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It’s Project Club Time!

Well, I did go grocery shopping, but didn’t clean (the family visit was postponed until this Sunday, so I’m off the hook…for now), and I wrote, uh, a little. I don’t expect to get much done this week, what with … Continue reading

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Pay No Attention To The Horse Wearing A Chicken Hat

Nothing unusual here, move along. Via Incredible Things

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So, How Was Your Day?

I’ve mentioned before that I write these posts on Tuesday night, but nothing much happened today and we’re getting a fancy holiday lunch catered at work tomorrow, so I’m going to make a prediction that my day (Wednesday) is great … Continue reading

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That Old Christmas Standard

Just a reminder to get those last minute gifts. Via Laughing Squid

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Tuesday TV Talk

Now that we’re halfway through December, most shows have gone on their winter hiatus, and we’re treated to a series of holiday themed programming.  For me, my favorite piece of holiday TV is this old Will Ferrell skit from his … Continue reading

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Leave Me Alone, I’m Clearly Busy

There are three other rooms in this house.  Work on those. Via Tastefully Offensive

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was fine! It was too cold and I didn’t really do anything. And I slept until noon on Saturday, which I haven’t done in years, but I must have needed it because I woke feeling fantastic instead of with … Continue reading

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Holiday Movie Review: A Belle for Christmas

My apologies, I hit ‘POST’ in the wrong order, you were meant to get this delight before the previous delight, hence why my last intro made no sense. This was supposed to be AnimalSuperManFilm #1, with The Nine Lives of … Continue reading

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If The TSA Is Good For Anything, It’s Roughly 50 Seconds of Online Amusement Per Year

I’ll bring whatever corpse I want, thank you very much. Via NPR

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