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Tuesday TV Talk

I have no TV ongoings to discuss, so here are some TV links: Peter Capaldi is done after this year I’ll eventually catch up with The Good Place Winona Ryder is a woman of many talents Enjoy!

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How Was Your Weekend?

Well, I did my best to get things done this weekend instead of just refreshing Twitter over and over, and I actually did write a bunch, which I’m counting as a big victory after a long bout of writer’s block. … Continue reading

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Tourism For Weirdos: The Sundance Film Festival Day One

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Ha ha just kidding I know we’re all doing terrible because everything sucks right now. But in the midst of the nightmare engulfing our country day by day, the Sundance Film Festival is going … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Let’s Dance!

We survived our first week. What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to sleep a lot and maybe exercise. When you have a minute, take a gander at the ACLU’s Take Action page and make a few phone calls … Continue reading

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It’s Project Club Time!

Here’s the link to last week’s post. I have…completely failed to write even 200 words, let alone 20,000. But I’ll try again! I’m also going to keep trying to call my reps to either complain at or thank them (depending … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

It snowed today, but it was the kind of wet, heavy snow that sticks to tree branches and makes everything look pretty but melts as soon as it hits the road, so I’ll allow it. Unrelated question: for those of … Continue reading

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Cat Self-Medicates to Escape the New Horrors of Everyday Life

I’m voting This Cat For President in 2020 or whenever impeachment hearings are over.

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Tuesday TV Talk

The last thing on TV I saw was Good Morning America, where they broadcasted the announcements of the 2017 Academy Award Nominations (great segue, FRQ). ¬†You can see the full list here, and make comments about what was snubbed and/or … Continue reading

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How Was Your Weekend?

What a wild two days it’s been! Not for me, though. My lingering cold kept me inside all day Saturday, watching Women’s March coverage and wishing I was there, and then on Sunday I did manage to meet up with … Continue reading

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….It’s Friday.

I can’t say I feel much like dancing today. Everyone take care of yourselves this weekend, and stay safe if you’re participating in any of the protests. I’ll be holing up all day Saturday to write and then going out … Continue reading

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