It’s Project Club Time!

Here’s the link to last week’s post. I have been writing–very slowly–and I’m still making my lists. My Twitter abstinence has been less successful.

This week, I have one goal: completely block out the outside world (…you know, since it seems like a good time) as much as I can and grind out 20,000 words. I’ve been stuck for so long that I think I need to do a full on, panic-mode, college all nighter-esque writing binge. It probably won’t work, but I’m going to try.


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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5 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I mentioned this in the weekend update, but I want to brag about it again – I went to the bank!

    I’m putting my upkeep calendar on a partial back burner because I have too much other stuff to focus on. Here are just a few items:

    – Pick up my new glasses
    – Get some sleep. I’ve been getting an average of 5 hours per night this week.
    – Seriously figure out how to better manage my stress. I really need to practice meditation / deep breathing.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I have to drop a return off at UPS.
    I need to schedule my daughter’s 2 year checkup
    I need to write some thank you notes for Christmas (ugh, almost a month late!)
    I need to make it through the next two stressful weeks without losing my shit (and keeping my blood pressure in check).

  3. martinmegz says:

    I can’t focus today. I believe that history will judge all of us harshly for what’s happening in our country. I feel so helpless and scared and angry.

  4. Erika says:

    I was proud of myself last week. I have a sweater I’ve had on the backburner for ages, and I thought about picking it up again. I also had some more boring organizing stuff to take care of. I thought about blowing both off and playing video games instead, but I bit the bullet, did the organizing thing, and picked up the sweater project again. I also finished my book club book in three days, although I skimmed through the parts I found boring. My boyfriend got me hooked on Stardew Valley, so we’ll see how long it takes me to finish the sweater.

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