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The last thing on TV I saw was Good Morning America, where they broadcasted the announcements of the 2017 Academy Award Nominations (great segue, FRQ).  You can see the full list here, and make comments about what was snubbed and/or overrated, like this near perfect SNL skit from this past Saturday.  I suppose you can also talk about TV.


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35 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. Sota says:

    Anyone else watching The Good Place? Can we discuss their twist?

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Haven’t seen the finale yet! Hopefully I can watch it tonight!!

    • Kate says:

      It’s funny I often thought during this first season that it did not seem very “good” at all in the good place. But i was still shocked –SHOCKED–by the twist. Everyone’s so cute I love it.

    • nastyemu says:

      Without getting into actual spoilers, it addressed most of my complaints about the show and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. Assuming it gets renewed, I’m interested to see how they handle season 2.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Have you guys seen this trailer? It’s so well done. The music shift about 30 seconds in is very effective and creepy. Looking forward to this movie…

  3. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m about halfway through the OA. There are a lot of things I really like about it, but also things I don’t like. I will say that I am very intrigued, and am definitely in for all 8 episodes. I just don’t know that I would recommend it to anyone – at least until I see how it ends.

  4. nastyemu says:

    We finished watching Goliath. It was pretty good. Better than most lawyer shows and only 8 episodes so it didn’t drag. Some of the performances were a little over the top but Billy Bob was excellent.
    Still working on season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead. It’s still fun!
    Oh, we started on season 3 of The Affair. Three episodes in, I think it’s better than season 2 was.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I’m not a fan of the Evil Dead movies, but Ash vs. Evil Dead is great. Season 2 had a few hiccups (in my opinion), but overall, it stays fun!

  5. flanny says:

    I’m so relieved about the result of this week’s Project Runway Junior. He had such a fragile little heart, I was so worried about him every week. I think give him a couple of years and he could be pretty great, but right now he just struggling so much to solidify his ideas and make them a reality.

    • flanny says:

      Oh also, I am watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I feel I must disclose that much of my reluctance to watch the show right away was because I know a guy who writes for it. We went to college together and actually TA’d a fiction writing class together and he is a successful writer and I am currently typing a jealous screed on a wordpress blog. WHATEVER, I’M GOING TO WIN A PEN FAULKNER I DON’T NEED NO NETFLIX SERIES. (I would like a Netflix series, too.)

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Oh, that poor kid! I love the show, but it’s so hard to watch them get sent home.

      I wasn’t crazy impressed with how any of them used the lights, but I still thought it was a good episode.

    • martinmegz says:

      I’m so happy you told us how good PRJ is, these kids are so talented and I’m really enjoying the season.

  6. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Good episode of The Bachelor this week. Cool to see Kristina break out a little bit (she’s on my fantasy team) and the more I watch Corinne, the more I believe the 13 Going on 30 theory (http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/a-conspiracy-theory-about-the-bachelor-villain.html)

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      Shout out to Sota for the theory!!!

    • martinmegz says:

      OMG but what about Taylor actually making me side with Corinne a bit at the end? I was like, bitch, you are 23 years old! Stop lecturing anyone about being ready for marriage. If Taylor were so mature, she would just ignore Corinne and have faith that Nick will figure it out. Kristina made a big jump this week while Danielle L. fell a lot in my esteem. She has nothing to say in any situation so she just giggles.

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Yes! Girl, get over yourself. Taylor also got personally offended that Danielle L grabbed Nick first like it was a personal attack.
        I am starting to like Kristina – she said she wanted time to tell him her story and he’s like “you’ll be fine” and she’s like “THAT’S UP TO YOU!” So that’s cool. Nick likes it when women call him on his shit.
        You’re right, Danielle L just giggles a lot. He loves her boobs though!

    • martinmegz says:

      Conspiracy alert: Parts of Arkansas cut out the part of the episode when Raven goes into detail about catching her ex cheating and beating the crap out of him. Some people think it was intentional but the station swears it was a mistake. http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2017/jan/24/arkansan-bachelor-says-segment-censored-little-roc/

  7. hotspur says:

    I have been making my way through the Capaldi seasons of Dr Who. Last night I watched both parts of the underwater ghost one and then, being worthless, fell asleep.

    Capaldi is really good. I disliked him tremendously his first 2-3 episodes, but I always dislike them for the first 2-3, except Tennant, who had a strong intro. Now I think Capaldi might be the best? I don’t know. Over the weekend I also rewatched Eccleston 1-3 and they are better than I remember. I spent some time last night trying to rank the doctors, because that is what I do, and it’s almost impossible. Like, I have only seen 3 Troughton stories, and one was sorta boring, but also his stories were 2-3 hours long each, so how do you compare that to the modern guys or to a guy like Tom Baker who I’ve seen at least five times as much of?

    1. The doctor of my childhood Tom Baker, of scarf and hat*
    2. Maybe the best at being 2,000 years old Matt Smith
    3. Maybe the most lively David Tennant
    4. Maybe the most dashing Jon Pertwee
    5. Maybe the most good at urgent worry Patrick Troughton
    6. Maaaaaybe the funniest Sylvester McCoy
    7. Peter Capaldi (not finalized, still in progress)
    8. The sort of haunted Christopher Eccleston
    9. I guess Paul McGann; the movie stank but then that short was great
    10. The somewhat abrasive Peter Davison
    11. The doddering William Hartnell whose companions were irritating dolts
    12. The somewhat grating Colin Baker (but the writers hosed him)
    13. I don’t count John Hurt. I guess I should though.

    *I am not this old. There was a UHF station that played his mid-1970s episodes 10 years after the fact. So I watched all those and then when he regenerated, the station did not advance to the 1980s doctor Davison — it went back and started airing the early-70s eps of his predecessor, Pertwee. Pertwee was a fop who spent all his time on Earth due to budget cuts, but Kid Me dug it. He wore a magician’s cape and used judo. Early 70s, man.

  8. martinmegz says:

    Who’s watching Homeland? I realized last season that Quinn is my favorite character and I just want to watch him being a badass, so I’m not thrilled with this season so far. It’s a pretty slow burn setting up what the season’s conflict will be, and the first episode was hard to watch. This week they got me with the twist though (being vague to avoid spoilers) so that was cool. I don’t trust Dar Adal for a second! He had a good line, though: Presidents don’t get chances, they get tested.

  9. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I wish more of the Oscar nominated movies were available on DVD. I think Hell or High Water is the only Best Picture nominee that is. I would definitely like to watch that, so I guess I’ll start there.

    I don’t have any strong opinions on who should win since I haven’t seen most of the movies, but as I’ve said, I love awards shows in general, so I’ll be tuning in to the Oscars.

    • Sergeant Tibbs says:

      Why don’t they immediately release a box set of all Oscar nominated movies? I left the country at the end of December (unrelated to politics, but what a bonus!) and didn’t get a chance to catch any of the Oscar movies…except for Hell or High Water. You should definitely watch it, it was slow-moving but really great. I changed my mind about Chris Pine after seeing that (in that now my mind cares about Chris Pine).

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