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One of TV’s most revered traditions is to proclaim how Saturday Night Live is dying/dead/not funny anymore/hitting a slump/irrelevant.  I’ve watched a fair amount of SNL this season, and while it’s not always great, I feel like it’s been pretty solid overall.  Most episodes have 2-3 sketches that are pretty good, which, given previous seasons, is more than you can hope for.  Of course it helps that the current administration is rife with material.  Case in point, the above video of a typical Sean Spicer press conference.  I wouldn’t say it’s appointment television, but rumors of the show’s demise have once again been greatly exaggerated.


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  1. flanny says:

    I continue to not understand anything that’s going on on PR Juniors. The winning look? It felt like something I would design when I was twelve! And I know this girl is probably twelve, but come on! Just a column of pinstripes and a bunch of weirdo pockets? I’m glad Cartier left, though, because that dress she made was a snoozefest.

    • martinmegz says:

      I agree the winning look was BAD but overall I can’t get over how talented these juniors are! There’s a couple of looks each week that I think could compete on the adult version.

      • flanny says:

        Very much agreed. I’d even say that in the last couple of seasons I’ve been disappointed with the adults in general. It’s like the adults are trying too hard now, and all their stuff looks so tortured. But the juniors, the juniors are pure of heart and it shows. And do they have people helping them make the outfits? No, right? Everything looks so finished for the most part.

  2. catweazle says:

    I marathoned the most recent six or seven episodes of New Girl over the weekend and UGHHH THE STUPID FUCKING ROBBIE STORYLINE IS ETERNAL AND ENDS SO GROSSLY!! I am enjoying everything else about this season but for fuck’s sake, I know Jess’s boring British teacher boyfriend was a dud but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to mining the other female character’s exes for her love interests! I am actually glad Reagan is back because I like her dynamic with Jess.

    I also caught up on Elementary and I think this season is pretty good on the whole. It seems that when the season centers on some other member of the Holmes family popping up (season 2: Mycroft; season 4: Morland) it is boring and stupid but when the season concentrates on an outsider joining the team (season 3: Kitty; season 5: Shinwell) it is actually interesting and good. NO MORE HOLMESES PLEASE ESPECIALLY NOT MYCROFT I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE SHOW FOR JOANCROFT. I wish they would bring back Kitty though.

    I tried to watch The Young Pope over the weekend but it basically broke my cable somehow? But I’ve been reading the most absurd shit about it and I feel the need to watch.

  3. SNL is great for watching highlights the next day, but not for spending Saturday watching. I’m either out or in bed already. I also find it funny that the best sketch of the week wasn’t with the host, but with a random guest appearance.

    The Iron Fist trailer went up today. It looks like Batman Begins or Arrow. Color me unimpressed.

  4. martinmegz says:

    I watched Santa Clarita Diet over the weekend. I hate gross out stuff so the the first episode made me think I HATE THIS SO MUCH, but my love for Timothy Olyphant kept me watching. He is so great as this befuddled husband trying to acclimate to a sudden change in his reality. Drew Barrymore is just along for the ride. It’s pretty amazing that she’s made a career off of being a mild-mannered free spirit with a lisp. Overall, there are some genuinely funny moments but this series does not come close to reaching its potential and it’s basically nine episodes of the same exact plot and a little bit of movement in the tenth episode.

    24 Legacy started off awesome. I love the new Jack Bauer, and I love that the series begins with the main female characters being total badasses. This show is right up my alley but I have a new perspective on it in the current political climate. I feel as if I’m perfectly capable of separating entertainment and fact, so I can see Islamic terrorism on a TV show and understand that most Muslims are not extremists; I can see torture as a plot device and know it’s ineffective in real life. But now I realize that many people might not be able to make those distinctions, so watching a show that seems like it’s going to have yet another Islamic terrorist plot makes me very uncomfortable.

    • martinmegz says:

      ALSO, not TV-related but JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 comes out this week! I am so excited, and the reviews are amazing! John Wick was my favorite movie in the last ten years so I’m pumped for this.

    • Commentatrix says:

      I watched all of SCD, and it made me laugh on the regular. I like it! I agree that Olyphant is the best reason to watch. He is great at comedy AND drama! It’s so weird that I disliked him for the longest time in my youth, but I think I was just getting him confused with Josh Duhamel or something. Maybe I was judging him entirely based on the movie Catch and Release, which sucked.

      • Sergeant Tibbs says:

        I will admit I have watched Catch and Release many times, just for Timothy Olyphant. I love that he plays his regular oily self for most of the movie and then, inexplicably, realizes he’s in a rom com and falls in love with the main character. Great movie. Terrible movie.

      • hotspur says:

        He used to do a sports report on a morning radio show here in LA. He’d call in and basically just read the sports section of the paper aloud, commenting as he went. He is genuinely hilarious.

  5. flanny says:

    Guys, I just got a notification that I made my wordpress account 3 years ago today, which must mean it’s HM’s three year anniversary. Just a rag-tag bunch of loonies making dreams come true!

  6. collin0truckasaurus says:

    We have been watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon and I think that it’s really great! It has giovanni ribisi, bryan cranston, and margo martindale who are all outstanding. It’s about a guy who is a grifter who …I don’t think I want to tell you anymore just in case. He’s a grifter! And it’s great! I only have one episode left and I think I’ve figured out the ending, but that probably means that’s what they want me to think!

  7. I’ve been watching The People Vs. OJ Simpson on Netflix, because I’m all about being behind the times. It’s very enjoyable, though! The OJ trial is the first big news event I remember being aware of as a kid, and it’s amazing how we’ll they recreated the whole mess–except for Cuba Gooding Jr, who is SO miscast. His performance is fine, but he’s physically so unlike OJ that it takes me out of the story every time he’s onscreen. It’s kind of weird that a production that obviously put a lot of thought into casting (everyone else is eerily spot-on, even John Travolta as Shapiro–I’ve seen a lot of reviews calling him too hammy, but, uh, have those people never seen/heard Robert Shapiro talk?) to go for familiarity over accuracy for the most important person, whose fame and image played a huge role in everything that went down.

  8. Sota says:

    Is anyone watching Riverdale? I am kind of hoping to have a new teen soap to watch (don’t judge me) once The Vampire Diaries ends this year. Riverdale is strangely intriguing…not so much in the acutal plotline way, but in the, why must they use the Archie comics as a format for this when it could have just been its own story. Thoughts?

    Also…anyone watching TVD? Probably only Catweazle…but seriously…can we discuss the latest episode ending???? Also…I saw that Kai is going to come back for an ep before the end!

  9. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    I’ve been watching Please Like Me, about an Australian guy who realizes he’s gay and then just…hangs out with his friends for the rest of the series, stumbling through life. It’s great and very funny! It reminds me of You’re the Worst in how sometimes the characters act like little millennial psychos and also in how it portrays mental illness. Also, every episode is named after food that’s made during the episode and it makes me very hungry.

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