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Last week, I saw the series premiere of Legion, which is the story of a man who thought he had severe mental issues all his life, but turns out that he actually has mutant powers (but could also have severe mental issues).  I felt it was a little slow at the beginning, but overall it was intriguing enough to keep watching.  However, I am a little worried that, given his abilities, the writers might turn this entire show into a game of “what’s real and what isn’t”, which personally I find to be a tiresome gimmick for a series.  It’s part of the reason I disliked the second season of Mr. Robot, though at least in Legion, the premise of interpreting reality is given right away, as opposed to turning a great show about the underbelly of the internet to half assed attempts to have its audience guess at twists.  Anyway, it was created by the guy who made the Fargo TV show, so at least he has some experience making good television (or so I’ve heard).


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  1. catweazle says:

    That’s the one Aubrey Plaza is in, right? I will watch literally anything with her in it.

    Haven’t been watching much new stuff though I need to get through everything on my DVR soon since I’ll be getting rid of cable when I move. This week I’ve been watching It’s Always Sunny which I had stopped for a while. I think I have watched all but two of the seasons on Netflix now. It is a fun show but it puts me in a weird mindframe due to cheering for/laughing at horrible people.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    How’s everyone feeling about The Bachelor these days? I think we’re kind of in the rut of the season but looks like it’ll pick back up next week when things start to get serious. I am still in the lead for my fantasy team, which is cool, but Corinne is wearing out her welcome. I bet she wins the whole thing, though, based on some of the stuff I’ve read about Nick basically implying the choice he makes is controversial but he made it for a reason.

    Also, they’ve announced who the next Bachelorette is going to be and I’m very happy for 3 reasons: (1) I called it, (2) she seems very fun and cool and will be interesting to watch all season, and (3) finally someone who isn’t typical (don’t want to say how in case you haven’t seen the announcement yet and don’t want this season spoiled because she’s still technically in the running, but I’m guessing you’ve figured it out by now if you have been following this franchise, so sorry I spoiled it for you!)

    • martinmegz says:

      I’m thrilled about who they chose, but they can fuck right off for announcing it now. Like, why did they have to do it now? Why not wait? This was the first season I watched with no spoilers, and now I know who wins because Nick has no poker face and he only had chemistry with two women.

      Nick is a mumble-mouth moron and this season sucks. I’m excited for the new Bachelorette, though.

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        LOL “mumble-mouth moron”
        Yeah, this season isn’t fun because I’m not rooting for any of the girls because I think they can all do better. I’m excited for the bachelorette – she will be fun to watch and I hope they cast great guys for her and not fame-hungry losers like Nick or Chad.

      • Sota says:

        I swear they only reason they told who she is already is because this season is so effing boring! Nick is lame.

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        I think they told because Reality Steve leaked it and they didn’t want it to seem like he got the scoop or something? They were trying to get ahead of the story maybe?

    • nastyemu says:

      I haven’t watched in several weeks because Corinne was too much for me, but Femu is still sticking with it so I’ll probably check back in closer to the end. A few weeks ago I was on a flight with Jared, though. He seemed good.

  3. martinmegz says:

    I watched Amazon’s Sneaky Pete and it’s pretty good. A decent follow up to Justified for Graham Yost, although anything without Timothy Olyphant is automatically worse than anything with him. I don’t know how to describe this show. It’s 50+ minute episodes. Drama I guess? But some humor? It involves a con man ingratiating himself into a family that turns out to be different than he was expecting.

  4. gnidrah says:

    I’ve just finished two British dramas – series two of Unforgotten, which was great if a little preposterous at the end (also very sad), and Apple Tree Yard, which I didn’t like yet had to keep watching, if that makes sense. It said some very depressing things about how women are treated by the criminal justice system.

    I’m excited for the third and final series of Broadchurch, which starts soon, and I am also about to start SS-GB, which looks a bit like The Man in the High Castle from the trailers.

  5. hotspur says:

    I am watching The Expanse. I’m only 2-3 episodes in but it’s good at world-building. It’s set 200 years in the future, but a more likely 200 years than, say, Star Trek. There’s no transporters, etc — all the tech so far is basically foreseeable, not magic, so we’re confined to our own solar system. Mars and Earth are in a Cold War and the independent Belters (hardscrabble miners who wander the Asteroid Belt) are up to something. There’s also a detective looking for a missing rich girl, and water theft is a thing? I dunno, tbh I couldn’t tell you the plot, but I always feel I’m being entertained while it’s on.

    • hotspur says:

      Oh — I also watched The Night Manager in two sittings. Someone here recommended it, and thanks for that. I was sad when it ended because then I couldn’t keep watching it.

      • gnidrah says:

        Think it was me. Glad you enjoyed it! You could just about smell the massive budget through the screen.

    • martinmegz says:

      I like the Expanse but it very much irritates me that people call it “Game of Thrones in Space”. It isn’t GOT in space! It’s just what it is, which is a good show.

      • hotspur says:

        That’s weird. It isn’t even close to being Game of Thrones in Space.

        Although now I know what I want to pitch to SyFy. Lessee… instead of dragons, we’ll have Space Amoebas… and Danaerys can lead robot-slave uprisings… and the Iron Throne will be a Di-Lithium Throne…

    • FRQ says:

      Yeah, the Expanse is great. This GoT comparisons are nonsense, it’s really just a solid ass science fiction show. However, I curse at the TV gods for airing it at the same time as Legion. =(

  6. Sota says:

    I caught up on New Girl. Ugh the Robbie stuff just is the worst! Who let that go on so long?!

    I watched two episodes of a show called Superior Donuts and I was on pain mess but it seemed obvious and also laugh track and I’m sure I’ll be bored enough to watch it again sometime.

    In the world of Teen soaps, Vampire Diaries only has like 5 episodes left and it’s fun cause everyone is coming back for their final scenes. Kai! The bad thing is that Price Peterson got a new job and isn’t recapping! Ugh. We need him here at the end especially! Also…I’ve watched Riverdale and for the love of Dylan McKay I will likely continue.

  7. flanny says:

    PR Juniors. I thought it was really sad how they let Molly go, because they’d been so supportive of her stuff before, and this challenge just seemed very not her style. So they let her go but teased the other two people in the bottom? Poor Molly, I’d be crying too. (God, I hope her name is Molly. You guys know who I’m talking about.) And whoever that lady was from Seventeen kept saying she wasn’t excited about Hawwaa’s collection. GIRL, I AM LIVING FOR HAWWAA’S COLLECTION GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! Again, I just don’t understand what the judges are doing at all.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Molly is her name! And I did feel so bad for her when the other two got a second chance.

      I really like Tieler – or at least that really crazy armed piece he made when he was on a team with Molly – so I’m glad he might still get to show. But boy oh boy did I feel bad for his model. She looked so embarrassed two weeks in a row because of the fit issues on his clothes. Also, white velvet? That was pretty confusing to me.

      I hate to criticize any of the contestants because they are CHILDREN who have more talent than I ever will, but I don’t understand why Chelsea keeps winning challenges? I love how creative she is, but I didn’t think her star dress was the best outfit up there.

      Who do you think will win? I’m going to guess Izzy or Chelsea because the judges seem to favor them. I wasn’t a fan of Chris’ designs in the beginning, but I’ve liked a number of his recent looks.

      • flanny says:

        I agree with you in every respect about Chelsea. All her outfits looks like they were designed by a twelve year old. Constructed by a thirty-year-old, but designed by a twelve year old. I don’t get the hype.
        And I’m backing Chris. He’s got a good mix of editorial and commerical going on. However, I was Haawwa (sp?) to win because I can’t get over the shorts/suspenders/jacket thing that almost got her kicked off. I adored that outfit and i want to see an entire collection of her designs and also put them on my body.

  8. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Is anyone still watching the Walking Dead? The first part of the episode when the whole gang is at the Hilltop was so terribly written/acted. It felt like they were all reading off of cue cards.

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      They’ve gotten lazy for sure. I feel like it’s the same story over and over. Why am I still watching? The world may never know.

    • martinmegz says:

      No I quit watching halfway through last season (half season? I don’t even know when it’s a new season anymore). Please let me know if it gets good again.

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