It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

We made it! What are your weekend plans? I want to sleep a lot.

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  1. catweazle says:

    It’s been a truly shitty week at work and I’m so glad it’s ending. Today hasn’t been bad so far and hopefully it will stay calm. I’ve been reading Captain Awkward this morning and there was recently a question from somebody whose family was pressuring her to reconcile with her shitty grandma because she was dying and so much of the letter/advice/comments reminded me of the last couple of years of my dad’s life and how everybody in my family more or less reconciled with him (at least superficially) except for me and I was like “These are not emotions I need to be feeling at work!” Can’t wait to to go home and drink and podcast about The Vampire Diaries.

    Also tomorrow my glam class starts back up! It didn’t run last session because not enough people signed up so I’m excited to see everybody again. Also I haven’t touched my guitar in like three months so this will get me back in gear.

    • This reminded me that I haven’t checked out Captain Awkward in a while so I just went to see what I’ve missed and DEAR GOD, this one is bananas:


      • catweazle says:

        Oh god yeah, I just read that one. I would be afraid this person was going to come to Japan and murder me!

      • collin0truckasaurus says:

        Ummm….that happened to me kinda. My boss had heard about a trip I take every year (to Disney World for the Epcot Food & Wine festival and Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights) and had talked about how jealous he was that he couldn’t seem to find anyone to go each year, then last year he finally found someone to go with and he copied our exact itinerary and hotel recommendations, and at the last minute, the weekend he was planning on going (different from my weekend) changed and then he was going the same weekend, exact same hotel, park dates, etc etc. I told him I thought it was weird and he didn’t expect to hang out with us, but definitely said he hoped he’d run into us. Keep in mind, I was very annoyed with this boss at the time based on how our work interactions were going and the idea of seeing him on my vacation gave me so much anxiety! I ended up not seeing him or hearing from him, but I definitely kept one eye out for him during the trip which impacted my fun.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My day has been stressful but very good! This morning single game tickets for the Braves went on sale and I was trying to get tickets to the season opener (which is the first game in the new stadium). I was eligible for TWO separate presales, but couldn’t get the codes to work for either one and then by the time they did, there were no tickets left. So I was really pissed about that, but then got online at just the right second this morning to get 2 tickets! So that was really stressful but great!
    Then I got pulled into a couple of different work calls which were interesting but stressful.
    Then we had a lunch meeting with our new boss and he seems really cool, I just don’t know if he’s cool enough to make up for how uncool some of the other elements of this job are.
    So today has been stressful but my parents are arriving tonight to stay until Tuesday, and so not much relaxing will happen. They’re nice and fun, but I just want to spend the weekend on the couch.

  3. I am so damn tired. The dude was up all night hacking and coughing which kept me up all night. We’re going to a midnight movie tonight, but first a nap. That I will hopefully wake up from.

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    My friend’s coworker said that this week feels like one, long day. I completely agree!

    I am very excited about daylight savings time. Not the losing an hour part, but extra sunshine sounds fantastic!

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