It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

Man, this week went by fast. What are your weekend plans? I have no idea what I’m doing.

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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I saw this performance mentioned in a review for the new Future Islands album, and OMG the singer! I honestly don’t know whether to love or hate his over the top performance, but it is something else! Let’s dance indeed!

    Full performance…

  2. nastyemu says:

    I’m really happy that we have nothing planned this weekend. I made pizza dough yesterday, so we’ll get to have a few pizzas. Very exciting!

  3. FRQ says:

    VERY busy day tomorrow. I have volunteering in the morning, followed by brunch with friends. Tomorrow is also Record Store Day, so I’ll be hitting up as many stores as possible before heading to a concert late in the afternoon (just a coincidence, not specifically for RSD). I also need to go grocery shopping since my fridge and pantries are dangerously low on food.

  4. flanny says:

    Guys, many moons ago I wrote something on here where I drank a bunch of cheap coffee and then reviewed them. And someone (emu?) yelled at me because I drank Maxwell House AND because I bought already ground coffee. That someone (emu?) said I should get a coffee grinder. Well! Full-on two years later, I won a bag of coffee beans in a competition and I decided that now was the time to buy a coffee grinder. So today was my first day drinking coffee in my own home with freshly ground beans. It was very tasty! Thanks, that someone (emu?)!!

  5. catweazle says:

    I’m going to see Colossal after work today. It was on my Sundance shortlist but didn’t quite make the cut so I’m glad it’s already at a theater by me. Side note: I meant to write about the rest of the movies I saw at Sundance but never got around to it but now a lot of them are starting to be released or at least get release dates so here is a quick rundown of the rest in order of worst to best:

    Free & Easy:
    This was a Chinese movie that was advertised as being a dry buddy cop comedy taking place in a run down industrial town but was actually a very slow, very boring movie about a couple of con men that I very nearly fell asleep during. But I felt kind of bad because the director was there and during the Q&A some old white lady asked “I had a little trouble following the plot of this movie, can you explain it to me?” and the director was like “Um, watch it again” which was a perfect reply and also what are you talking about lady, it was the slowest and easiest to follow movie I have ever seen!

    This movie was written/directed/starred in by the guy who played Bella’s obviously gay friend Eric in the Twilight saga. It was about two Korean-American brothers running a shoe store during the LA race riots and also a little girl who hangs around the store with them. It was pretty good but also very student film in a lot of ways (i.e. it was in black and white… because, race I guess?). Also the writer/director/star was kind of insufferable during the Q&A. The only major female character in the movie was the little girl and so my sister-in-law asked what he saw the role of women as in his stories and he was like “EXCUSE ME I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT WOMEN ARE AND THE LITTLE GIRL WAS THE BEST CHARACTER IN THIS MOVIE HOW DARE YOU NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!” So that was interesting.

    Axolotl Overkill:
    This was a German movie from a female writer/director based on her own book about a teenage girl who is having some life issues which she deals with by partying a lot and doing drugs and hanging out with bipolar models and falling in love with a female mob boss twice her age. It was good! I take points off for the random scene in the middle where some teenage girl who is not a character in the movie dances around an apartment to some techno song and it has nothing to do with anything and is basically a music video. This won the award for best cinematography in a foreign film but it should have won the award for the best main character name that would make a good name for a cat: Mifti.

    This was written and directed by the lady who wrote and directed Obvious Child and if you loved Obvious Child you will love it. It’s about a family in New York in the 90s with two daughters and the younger daughter finds out their dad is cheating on their mom and the older daughter is having second thoughts about her engagement and is played by Jenny Slate. I loved it! Go see it when it finally plays somewhere other than festivals!

    My Happy Family:
    This movie is about a middle-aged lady in Tblisi who decides one day that she’s sick of living in an apartment with her parents, her husband, her two grown children and her son-in-law and just peaces out and gets her own apartment and sits around listening to classical music and eating cake all day. She is my hero! Obviously there is more to it than that (including a lot of really insufferable male characters) but that is the most important part. I doubt this will get a very wide release but if you are able to watch it I highly recommend it!

    • catweazle says:

      Oh and speaking of Sundance, the trailer for The Little Hours (which I actually did write up in a real post!) is out:

      The trailer is funny but the movie is even funnier!

  6. collin0truckasaurus says:

    This weekend is designed to be relaxing! This is the last weekend we’re just a family of three (technically next weekend is, but my parents will be here so it won’t feel like the last weekend). So we’ll probably go to the park and hang out in the backyard and generally just enjoy each other’s company. My kid was sick yesterday and the day before so I’m hoping she’s back to her adorable & rambunctious self.
    11 more days til baby time! We basically finished the nursery last night and it looks so perfect, you guys. Her nursery was perfect for her so I hope his is perfect for him! I have all of his clothes ready to go and I pulled out newborn diapers for the first time in two years and, guys, they’re REALLY small. They’re measuring and predicting he’ll be about 9lbs!!!! Yikes!

  7. One of my best friends has her Adoption Shower this weekend and I offered to make the cake so I will probably be spending a lot of time tomorrow baking all the layers. It’s going to be a two-tier cake, one tier Red Velvet and the other tier Funfetti (I have never made funfetti from scratch before so hopefully it won’t be a disaster). I’m toying with the idea of cutting the red velvet layers in half and filling them with a chocolate cream cheese mixture but I haven’t fully decided yet.

  8. nastyemu says:

    Chocolate cream cheese mixture?

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