How Was Your Weekend?

The weather was gorgeous here, so I actually left the house and did stuff like a real person–errands, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends. I even exercised! There might really be something to this whole sunshine-and-fresh-air business.

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  1. hotspur says:

    I went to a book festival. I saw George Saunders speak — he’s very engaging. He talked about how he worked on one short story for 14 years. That makes me feel okay about some of the ones I’ve worked on for 14 years — now, I can feel sure they’re just as good as his. Also I saw Joyce Carol Oates get interviewed by videogum comment section’s very own Steph Cha (!!!), plus a panel featuring another of my favorite writers, Steve Erickson. His new book, which I have not read yet, is about the World Trade Center suddenly reappearing. In the Badlands of South Dakota.

    • Sergeant Tibbs says:

      That all sounds amazing! Did you ask Steph Cha why she doesn’t come around these parts?

      Also has anyone been to the Badlands? It is my actual dream but I can’t seem to convince any of my friends to take a road trip with me there and I’m afraid I will end up on the evening news (“Idiot is murdered in Badlands”) if I go by myself.

      • flanny says:

        I’ve never been, but have always been intrigued ever since Jurassic Park.

      • hotspur says:

        If you ever go, do us a Tourism For Weirdos on Day 1, before you get killed!

        (I am a product of NJ, so to me the real Badlands will always be Asbury Park.)

    • mordonez says:

      Was that the longer piece in 10th of December? Semplica-Girl Diaries? He’s mentioned that he had a novel length version of it at one point, but just kept distilling and re-working. The finished product is kind of a masterpiece, and it’s VERY George Saunders.

      Have not read the new novel yet, but I have a signed copy (which means I have to buy/borrow another copy to actually read…).

      • hotspur says:

        The 14-year one was “Sea Oak.” It’s about 30 pages, in Pastoralia. I think I have never read Sea Oak. I guess I have 14 years to get around to it, but I’m probably already in year 12. He signed the new book for me, and I’m just gonna read that copy cuz I’m too cheap to buy it twice. (I’ll be careful.)

        Semplica is super disturbing.

  2. catweazle says:

    I saw Colossal and it was good! And my glam class played our last show before the indefinite hiatus which was fun but a little sad. I’ve been trying to enlist my classmates to join the ensemble that’s playing just Squeeze songs next session and hopefully it will work. Yesterday was the first time in what feels like eternity that I could just stay inside and do nothing all day. It was wonderful! I finished reading Ready Player One which I loved and started reading the book Big Little Lies was based on and also played a lot of Lego Star Wars.

    • hotspur says:

      I’ve owned a copy of Ready Player One for eons and am sure I would like it, but I’m a disaster. Good luck with the Squeeze project. I feel like they are one of those startling bands that is well-remembered by musicians, but tragically not as much by regular people? Does that sound right? I put Talking Heads in that category too maybe. What is your opinion, as a musician?

      • catweazle says:

        Well I know Squeeze because my parents were big fans so I heard them a lot when I was a kid. A lot of my fellow musicians either don’t really know them aside from “Tempted” or aren’t particularly fans. Which is a shame because they are fun!

        I think Talking Heads are a lot more appreciated, especially by musicians. Personally I first heard of them because there was a clue in a very old Carmen Sandiego computer game about a suspect having a Talking Heads cassette in their car so they can’t have been that obscure in the mid-90s at least. Most people at least know Psycho Killer.

        And you should read Ready Player One for sure! It’s a fast read and they’re making a movie of it so you have a limited window of time to be able to be one of those people who says “Oh well in the BOOK it was THIS WAY”

  3. flanny says:

    The weather was so beautiful, and I had nothing solid planned so how could it not be an A+ weekend? On Saturday the ice cream place by my house opened up for the season, so I headed over there on Sunday for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Then after dinner I ate ice cream again, so I guess it’s ice cream season. I did have to kill a wasp that had gotten into my apartment, and I noticed there were other wasps hanging out on my balcony, which means that I’m going to have a wasp problem in a couple of weeks. But that’s A Couple Of Weeks From Now Carol’s problem! Right now everything’s great.

    • flanny says:

      SECRETS REVEALED: My first name is Carol. It’s a terrible name. Everything is great except my first name.

      • catweazle says:

        Whenever I see your name I think of my cousins who as children thought “Toll the ancient yuletide carol” was “Trolls are ancient. You’ll die, Carol!” in Deck the Halls.

        • flanny says:

          They’re not wrong.

        • hotspur says:

          Fa la la la RA! [imagine that as a troll growl]

          Carol is a beautiful name. It reminds me of robins alighting on the willow bough by the lake under a full moon. (Also, lately, ice cream and wasps.)

      • martinmegz says:

        Aw I think it’s a fine name. But I’m also reeling from the concept of ice cream places having seasons and not being open all year.

  4. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    I went on a trip this weekend up into the mountainous jungle and two monkeys hopped onto my car! I locked my windows just in case because they are cute but clever and vicious. I got to see the palm of one’s hand and its tiny fingernails through the window. The monkey got to see my face through the window. I just don’t know who was more excited.

  5. mordonez says:

    I worked Saturday morning, then we went to Chinatown but hit terrible traffic and had no time to wander/eat before going to the White Sox game, which was entertaining even though the team is pathetic, and got a nice “free” (with ticket and overpriced concessions) hoody. We’d left the car in Chinatown, and I was psyched to find out that one of my favorite restaurants there is 24 hours on the weekends, which is amazing.

    Sunday I did very close to fuck-all, but we did go to the Bahá’í temple, which remains impressive. Also I also made some little tacos involving a)delicious skirt steak in an sweet and spicy adobo marinade of my own devising, and b)shrimp in a garlic butter/wine sauce.

  6. Commentatrix says:

    I saw Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman and Max Silvestri last night, and they were wonderful! (Bo Burnham also made a surprise appearance, and it was fine.) My friend and I didn’t really know what their show would be like but got tix anyway, and it turned out to be the three of them taking turns doing stand-up. They also did a “Q&A” at–twist–the beginning of the show, where the questions were of the “What feels better, sneezing or stretching?” and “What do you think is more likely to be real, ghosts or aliens?” variety. It was very, very fun!

    I also spent a respectable amount of time by the pool and in front of the TV, and I went to my first UI/UX class and felt very intimidated because everyone else except me and one other person are already coming from a design background, and I know nothing, nothing, nothing about design or even computers. I’m considering dropping out because I have a hard time with feelings of discomfort and inadequacy, but that would be a silly reason to drop out, and I’m an adult who should be able to handle it, right? On the other hand, what if my final project is the ugliest one in the class??

  7. martinmegz says:

    My only excitement this weekend was working out next to Josh Duhamel. He is a gosh darn delight! He’s a tall, strapping, handsome man, but also happy and outgoing. We were next to each other on the circuit for the whole class and at one point he said something to me but I couldn’t totally hear him over the music so I smiled and laughed and hoped that was an appropriate response. I wanted to ask if he knows Keanu but I refrained.

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