Tuesday TV Talk

Although it aired last week, which seems like a lifetime ago, I watched the season finale of Trial and Error, and I gotta say, that show was very satisfying.  Not one of the greats, but a very enjoyable show from beginning to end, and I’ve never even seen a murder documentary.  Aside from that, I caught the season premiere of Silicon Valley on Sunday, and aside from the cringe-worthy opening bit, I liked it as well.  Enjoy this clip of rich people having a pissing contest at 36,000 feet.

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  1. THREAD HIJACK, who wants to go to Ireland with me: https://westerncentralny.aaa.com/travel/trips/land-tour/ireland-gardens-pubs-and-castles

    I made the mistake of looking at the AAA travel deals site because I forget that I’m a member and they have all kinds of services I never use and ugh, I want to go everywhere.

  2. catweazle says:

    I finished season one of The Good Place. I liked the twist! Does anybody know if there is going to be a season 2?

  3. martinmegz says:

    I watched maybe the first four episodes of Trial and Error. I thought it had some really funny moments, but I got sick of the shtick (I’m not big on mocumentaries). I watched every episode of The Mick this weekend while working and it’s pretty funny but also horrifying at times. I can’t believe they get away with some of the stuff they do on network television. I also feel compelled to plug The Last Kingdom again because it’s seriously fantastic.

    • flanny says:

      The Mick comes on after something I watch, so sometimes I’ll catch it. And I’ll find myself laughing but beneath the laughter I’m not sure if I’m actually enjoying myself. #itscomplicated

  4. RuPaul’s Drag Race has been good. I think I’m rooting for Valentina even though she is so squeaky clean she’s almost boring but just seems really sweet!
    The Leftovers is so incredibly good! It’s so weird and crazy and I love it.

    • catweazle says:

      Ugh I am so peeved that I haven’t been able to watch any of this season of Drag Race yet! I’ve been trying to schedule time with my viewing buddy and she keeps putting it off so on the one hand I should probably just watch it by myself but on the other hand I know she’s dealing with some bullshit in her life right now so that feels mean. But it’s DRAG RACE!

  5. flanny says:

    Unexpectedly I started watching Girlboss, even though when Netflix emailed me that I’d like it I audibly scoffed. But there are a lot of laughs to be had. I have to admit that I knew nothing about Nasty Gal or its history because I am a prudish midwesterner who only wears skirts that go to her ankles and believes “nasty” is a curse word and “gal” is even worse because that’s not what’s written on my birth certificate. But I liked the show despite myself! Recommended viewing if you don’t care very much about what the show is about. Also, the guy in it is a guy from Scott Pilgrim that I had a crush who is now much older and he looks like Timothy Olyphant suddenly! So do I like Timothy Olyphant now?

  6. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Silicon Valley was premiere was good, but not great. Gavin’s sheer anger about the plane route was hilarious. Jared continues to be my favorite, but Big Head had some great lines too.

  7. taoreader says:

    Just started season 4 of Rectify, holy crap is that show good. Also watching season 7 of Archer and some of the new MST3K. Hoping there will be new seasons of The 3% (sooo good) and Glitch.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Rectify! That is one of my favorites, and damn, are there some jaw dropping scenes in that show. I usually eat dinner when I watch my favorite shows, and I’m pretty sure it was a monologue from the first episode of season 4 that made me put down my plate because it was so powerful.

      Clayne Crawford and Aden Young really should have won so many awards for their performances.

      Please keep me posted on how you like the final season. I loved it!

      • I know I’m pretty late here – just wanted to say I completely agree about Rectify and the awards. The entire series was great, but, for me, the last season can be summed up thusly:

  8. mordonez says:

    American Gods premieres on Sunday night you guys!! I am very excited and only a little nervous!

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