Tuesday TV Talk

On Friday, the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuted on Netflix.  I’ve only watched the first few episodes, but I from what I’ve seen, it remains excellent.  But Kimmy Schmidt isn’t the only show with 30 Rock DNA out there.  Over on NBC, Great News has been airing Tuesday nights.  I wasn’t too excited about the first couple of episodes, but since then I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’m not sure why NBC feels the need to debut great little shows mid-season, then burn through episodes as fast as possible.  Regardless, it caught enough buzz to be picked up for a second season (along with my other favorite mid-season debut).  I guess I’m just a sucker for Jeff Richmond compositions.



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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m in the final season of Mad Men. I’m so glad I now know the origin of “Not great, Bob!”

    I think the final season of Bloodline starts this weekend!

  2. catweazle says:

    Drag Race was NUTS this week! Shocking elimination PLUS my new favorite fake TV show Teets & Asky!

  3. martinmegz says:

    Wow, Great News didn’t even make my radar! I haven’t seen a single ad for it and I watch a lot of NBC. Did anyone watch the sad lady dog show pilot? I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

    The Bachelorette premiere was fantastic. I was laughing along with the whole episode instead of just laughing at it; there were some genuinely funny moments. I think this is going to be a great season.

  4. I’ve been sick the last few days so I watched all of Riverdale on Netflix. It was actually enjoyable even though it was totally campy. Pretty much all of the adults and parents are straight up sociopaths on that show for a variety of reasons. It’s like the TV version of a Roald Dahl book. I was enthralled by the mystery and I had feelings about poor Jughead always getting a rough deal. I do think Archie and his whole singing thing was the absolute most tedious part of the series and hopefully they will just not do that for season 2.

  5. gnidrah says:

    The final episode of the final series of my favourite French political drama (what do you mean, you don’t have one?!) Les Hommes de l’Ombre finished at the weekend ☹ they actually finished almost every story line and tied up the loose ends, and sometimes that feels forced, but this time, it felt right, though now I am bereft without it. (it feels trite to say it today, of course I will be fine without a TV show)
    The Elisabeth Moss/Joseph Fiennes Handmaid’s Tale starts here on Sunday & I am very interested to try it.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I love the Handmaid’s Tale so far. It is difficult subject matter, but so well executed. The performances, costume design, and cinematography/direction are all fantastic.

      • gnidrah says:

        It looks amazing from the trailer…! Next week’s TV post, I will let you know how I got on with episode one!

        • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

          Hulu released the first 3 episodes at once, and now it’s such a drag to have to wait a week between episodes! Enjoy!

  6. mordonez says:

    Most of my television watching has been catching up on Jeopardy (the online test is coming, you smart people) and hunting around for an Antiques Roadshow or something if there’s no baseball, but did anyone else watch Twin Peaks?

    I will admit that I didn’t re-watch anything despite it all being available to stream. I would say that as long as you knew Agent Cooper’s status (trapped in the Black Lodge) it was not especially hard to follow from a “hey who’s that guy, what was his deal in the original” standpoint. With that said, it is very clear that nobody told Lynch word one about what he could or couldn’t do–it is singular and weird and I mostly loved it, I think?

    Also, Robert Forster will be on the show as the replacement for Michael Ontkean (Harry S Truman), and I love me some Robert Forster

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