How Was Your Weekend? 

Mine was nice! I had lunch with the family in Saturday, lazed around on Sunday, and had plenty of time to get stuff done on Monday. Why isn’t every weekend three days long? It’s the perfect amount of time!

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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I was planning to knock out a bunch of productive stuff, then use Monday as a lazy day. Instead, I ended up being most productive on Monday – mostly because I was pretty lazy on the other days. I did get a a lot done, worked out every day, hung out with family on Sunday, and got solid sleep each night (except for last night).

    I watched Get Out, and thought it was a great movie. Very well done.

  2. actionjackson5 says:

    Saw some family, ate some good food, got poison ivy on my legs… like every holiday weekend except for those in the dead of winter!

  3. martinmegz says:

    Hi friendos! I’m in Warsaw waiting for my connecting flight. They were filming a Polish housewives show on my flight from LAX and a baby screamed bloody murder for five hours of the eleven hour flight. So I might become famous in Poland and I feel like death. The customs people made me chug an entire bottle of water and they asked if I even speak English because I couldn’t understand their questions. I’ll try to do better as a representative of our country.

    • taoreader says:

      Oh man, if the customs people are concerned about you, something is definitely up.

      • martinmegz says:

        The guy kept saying, “Fly from?” as in, from what city did I depart. But in my head I saw it as fliefrum, some Polish word I obviously made up, and kept trying to figure out what it could mean.

  4. flanny says:

    I had a really great weekend, even though I got sunburnt while sitting outside day drinking. I 100% wish I wasn’t at work right now or ever. Why isn’t it a summer weekend always?

    • taoreader says:

      You’re in Michigan right? And you had SUNSHINE? I’m in Boston and it sucked all the balls here in terms of weather. Still chilly and gray today. I am grumpy.

  5. hotspur says:

    I treated my weekend like an opportunity to finish vampire book #3. Here it is about to be the midpoint of the freakin year, so it is hiiigh time this thing gets finished. To that end I worked about 45 hours editing over Friday-Monday? I dunno, you guys. The story finally came to be the shape it’s wanted to be for the past 6 months, but now… I’m fried. Being back at the day job feels like the vacation. I didn’t even take a movie break!

    (I watched one Archer.)

    • taoreader says:

      Good luck on book writing! I’m trying to finish a book-length memoir, most of which has been workshopped to death one way or the other, and I just want to forget about craft and just write already. Writing is hard.

  6. catweazle says:

    I got to see the baby on Sunday and that was wonderful. I learned about this newfangled app “Boomerang” and took like a million boomerangs of baby and I can’t stop staring at them. He is the best!

    Otherwise it was a kind of frustrating weekend. I managed to unpack my books and put them on the shelves (although I think there’s another boxload hiding somewhere in my apartment) but didn’t finish with the rest of the boxes like I promised myself. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and didn’t manage to successfully catch up over the weekend because my body apparently feels 7AM is the appropriate time to wake up so I’ve been super sleepy all the time. Also last night my sinuses started to feel like sandpaper which is always the first sign of a really fun cold approaching. And if I’m right about that, I still can’t really call in sick because I’m expected to run online training sessions every day this week and next week two new people are coming to the office to be trained. Life is hard!

  7. taoreader says:

    Saturday was kind of nice here, chilly but sunny, then it was rain and clouds the rest of the weekend. I say BOOOO to nature for that. But I did get to relax and hang out with my dog and play an old computer game called Zeus.

  8. nastyemu says:

    We were supposed to go camping but we canceled because of all the rain and just went to lots of breweries and ate lots of good food instead.

  9. I had an okay weekend. We went to the park and played in the backyard and ate burgers and the baby was cute and not too much trouble. He’s very cute – his hair on the top of his head all fell out and now he has George Costanza hair and it’s ridiculous. Cute but also hilarious!

    • catweazle says:

      Baby hair is so strange! My nephew had back hair for the first few months of his life.

      • Yeah back hair is pretty common- most babies get this full body hair that keeps them warm basically? It’s super weird. My daughter has this dark black shoulder hair. I’m like “that’s gonna go away before she hits puberty, right???”

  10. mordonez says:

    Played a couple of good shows on Saturday (and got…uh..I think it’s called “paid” for it, which was odd). Sunday I got to give my nephew his birthday present, a totally decent saxophone I purchased for him in a v. classy pawn shop (his mom is on the broke side, and I was being thrifty). And hey, the honking noises will not be in my house, so bonus. Yesterday we delivered said nephew downtown to his father, hit the zoo for a bit, then came home and furrowed our brows at Twin Peaks for a while. Overall, B+ long weekend, and Tuesday was not as quite as bad a workday as I thought it would be.

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