Tuesday TV Talk

Comic-Con graced us with its presence once again this past weekend (P.S. Hi!), and with it came a slew of trailers for upcoming projects.  On the TV front, some of the more highly anticipated series include the return of Stranger Things, Westworld, and the whole kit and caboodle of CW superhero shows.  There’s also a new Star Trek series, and the major MCU team-up.  The one that stood out to me was Bright, a fantasy procedural movie starring Will Smith that will be available later this year on Netflix.  I don’t know what to make of it.  Just kidding, the more I watch it, the worse it looks.

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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’ve been watching You’re the Worst. There are things I don’t like about it, but I still find it entertaining enough to watch. Also, they mentioned Stereogum on the episode I watched last night 🙂

    Insecure started up again this week. I really liked season 1, so I am very much looking forward to season 2. Haven’t had a chance to check out the premiere yet.

  2. catweazle says:

    I have a month free trial of HBO Now through Hulu so I watched the first three episodes of Silicon Valley over the weekend. It’s… goodish so far? It has several people I like but I cannot abide TJ Miller so I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it. I want to try to knock out some Veep too but I will probably end up continuing my 30 Rock rewatch instead.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I thought I was the only one that thinks Miller is the weakest member of the ensemble. He has some funny moments, but I’m not a big fan of his character. Just wait until Jared starts getting more screen time. He is the best!

      • hotspur says:

        Ehrlich Bachmann gets a lot better after they get away from the “he’s irresistible to women” silliness in season 1 and turn it into more of a “he somehow seems to believe he’s irresistible to women” thing. By the time his incubees don’t need him anymore and he can’t bring himself to see that, he’s a buffoon, but he’s an excellent buffoon.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Also, check out Insecure. It’s great!

  3. I have been watching Bloodline by myself and Ozark with mr truck. They’re both good…but also not that original maybe? I’m enjoying both and excited to see where they go, but also I think there are too many “bad guy who might also be a good guy but is also still a bad guy” and “good guy who might also be a bad guy but is also still a good guy” shows.

    Bachelorette was great last night! One of the podcasts I listen to about it was talking about how boring the format has become and I agree! They should switch it up next season. Show more of the funny moments usually shown at the end of the episode!

    Big Brother is also interesting! Cody is a psycho! I’m a little rooting for Jessica because she doesn’t need Cody and his bullshit, but mostly I’m rooting for Alex and Paul.

    Game of Thrones is great still of course.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      Bloodline is good, but mostly because of the actor who plays Danny. That guy is SO good at playing a creep. I haven’t watched season 3 yet, and I will, but I haven’t been in the mood to watch it.

    • YOU’RE ROOTING FOR PAUL??? I have to admit he’s playing a great game and controlling these idiots for some inexplicable reason, but I can’t stand him!

      I actually love Cody in the context of this game, though he’s probably not the greatest guy outside of it. But I love his stoic response to everything, how he respects people who stand up to him and strong women (when Alex told him to eat shit he became a super fan of hers), he seems to treat Jessica well and respectfully, and he’s great at comps. He just has no social game and makes big moves too early.

      • Kinda…didn’t know Paul was a controversial choice. I think he plays a good game and everyone is too dependent on his ideas to realize they need to get him out early.
        I’d rather see Alex or any of the other new people win just since Nicole won last year.

  4. flanny says:

    I felt like the bakers pulled out all the stops this week on British Bake-Off, so they must have read my comment last week about how disappointing they had been. All the little mousses looked delicious, and I would have eaten 100 of (I think it was) Benjamina’s cappuccino ones.

    Anyone got any Grantchester thoughts around here?

    • I keep saying I’m going to get caught up with Grantchester. I will one day, I swear! (I haven’t even started season 2.)

      • flanny says:

        Season 2 is the one that ruined me emotionally the most, so I was wary about starting season 3. But I can’t say no to Sid and his face and hair and body.

    • taoreader says:

      I was wondering if Grantchester is worth a try. You all are liking it?

      • flanny says:

        I am! It’s very pretty to look at, even if you don’t include the main character who is impossibly handsome. But do not be mistaken. It may look like another Miss Marple-y 50s fluff cozy, but it will ruin you emotionally.

  5. taoreader says:

    I watched Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie on Netflix last night and it was so, so good. I was expecting it to be some ironic weird thing, but it was seriously done, with good interviews and on-the-spot conflict with Scientologists. Louis Theroux is perfect because he’s so sincere and unassuming. Recommend.

    • hotspur says:

      I watched this last weekend and I agree. It is one of those documentaries where the next day I was still thinking about it. It seems straightforward at first but then certain subtleties just sneaked up on me.

      • taoreader says:

        I didn’t expect the complexity of his relationship with Marty Rathbun. I got the impression that Rathbun has never confronted his trauma, let alone his guilt. He definitely took out some of his rage against Scientology on Theroux, and Theroux just let the camera roll, letting Rathbun speak for himself.

        • hotspur says:

          Yes! He sorta became the subject as much as the church itself. Really interesting character. (One of my next-day realizations was [spoiler alert] “He’s the Judas of the Scientology story!”)

        • taoreader says:

          The Judas, like he was a favorite apostle, then betrayed them, that’s interesting. I have to wonder if he ever would have left if he hadn’t been thrown into the Hole, or if any of them would. The other guys Theroux interviewed seemed to have more self-awareness. And Rathbun still seems proud of the fact that he was the Supreme Commander or whatever he called it, with everyone else at his “beck and call.” That guy needs some serious therapy.

          I still respect what he’s doing, though.

        • hotspur says:

          I agree on all points! Rathbun seems really to light up when the actor impersonates Miscavige being horrible, like “those were the days.” Gosh, your comments are really helping me see him more clearly.

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