It’s Project Club Time!

Here’s the link to last week’s post. The laundry is done!

This week I need to go grocery shopping, remember to submit a maintenance request because my kitchen sink is leaking, and to keep my current resolution of improving my posture in mind at all times.

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  1. FRQ says:

    I figure this might be a good place to post my predicament.

    A couple of years ago, I took bass lessons from a tutor. I found him through this website that lets you search for people who tutor others on various skills and subjects. Once you find someone you like, you buy credits on the site, and use them to pay your instructor. I took lessons for a few months, but stopped due to waning interest and other priorities in life (though I did like the tutor).

    Fast forward to last week, I happened to see an online ad for the site, and it occurred to me that I might still have credits on my account. Lo and behold, I did, enough to get 3-6 lessons out of a tutor, depending on his or her rate. I don’t think they are refundable, so I’m trying to figure out what I can burn those credits on.

    Are there any skills or subjects that I could pick up in just a few lessons? Obviously I’m not looking for mastery, just enough tutoring where I can get the basics down. I am ruling out music, since I already have another means of practicing it now, and physical fitness, because they don’t seem to offer it.

  2. taoreader says:

    I’m afraid to look at last week’s stuff. But I did get things done. I got a permit for the moving van guys to park near my former home so they can get some boxes out of there, I wrote an eval of our recent intern, and, I know there’s other stuff I did. I’ve been watching a lot of Luke Cage.

  3. catweazle says:

    I feel the need to update you all on my laundry situation. I got a text from my landlady yesterday saying the washer was fixed, so I came home after a 10 hour work day and immediately threw in a load. And guess what? THERE WAS STILL NO GODDAMN WATER! I tried fiddling with some knobs by the sink but nothing happened and I felt weird about messing with shit I didn’t understand so I didn’t explore too much. I threw all of my stuff in my bathtub to soak (thanks for the tip Hotspur) and then spent like 30 minutes wringing everything out and hanging it to dry in various places throughout my apartment. Then I sent a very annoyed text to my landlady saying that nothing was actually fixed and that she just needed to replace the damn thing since this is the second or third time it’s been fucked up since I moved in THREE MONTHS ago. She replied that the water must have been turned off by some dudes doing work in the building and that all I needed to do was turn the valve back on and I was like A) I TRIED THAT BUT DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS CONNECTED TO WHAT SO DIDN’T TRY THAT HARD, and B) MAYBE YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT EARLIER INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING “IT’S FIXED”

    We exchanged terse texts and she agreed to give me my 16 quarters back. Tonight I’m going to try again and if it doesn’t work I might just torch the place.

    • flanny says:

      I like it when landlords think that their renters should know about the mechanics of the buildings they live in. Like, I rent so I don’t have to know how to turn on the water to my washing machine. I don’t have to be in charge of that.

      • catweazle says:

        Yeah, like give me an in-unit machine and I’ll learn what all the doodads do but I’m already trekking up and down three and a half flights of stairs into a creepy, low-ceilinged, spider-filled basement to do my laundry and that is enough work by itself!

    • I’m very frustrated by proxy. How does your PITA downstairs neighbor handle this laundry situation?

      • catweazle says:

        I honestly think I’m the only one in the building who uses the machines in the basement. I don’t know what everybody else does; there’s a couple of dry cleaners within a few blocks but not any laundromats.

        • hotspur says:

          Some dry cleaners will take drop-offs of laundry to be laundered (or will pick up from your place). See if they do! But make sure it is not bananas expensive because sometimes it is. And make sure they understand you mean laundered, not dry-cleaned. (I pay $1/lb when I drop off, which is cheap, and amounts to c. $12 per drop-off.)

  4. flanny says:

    Not only did I clear out my bathtub drain, but I cleaned my whole bathtub and walls and changed my inner shower curtain, so now instead of feeling like I’m showering an a murky death swamp I feel like I’m showering in a low-budget spa.

    I’ve got nothing going on this weekend for the first time in a long time, so I’m going to try to go to yoga once, run twice, and write a whole bunch. I also need to vacuum.

  5. My baby starts daycare on Monday and I go back to work the week after that. Next week when I’m home and both kids are at daycare, I have a LOT to do! Main goal is clean out my closet (I’m hoping to get rid of at least a third of everything!), secondary stuff is to organize and clean out baby clothes that they’re starting to outgrow. So much to donate. I also have a lot of shopping to do for office supplies and other stuff to be ready to go back to work. Plus I have to schedule some “me time” (eye roll) like a pedicure and next Friday mr truck is taking the day off so I have to plan a full day of fun for the two of us. Mostly, I have to do all of this while not crying cause I miss my baby so much and really don’t want to go back to work. Just trying to distract myself from the sucky parts.

  6. As much as meal prep on Sunday sucked, it really has made my life easy all week. I’ve brought my lunch every day, eaten a lot of fruits and veggies, and had healthy dinners. So I’ll try to keep that going. I also need to work on eating dinner earlier because sometimes I don’t get around to it until almost midnight, which is terrible, I know.

  7. hotspur says:

    I am very pleased with my summer-long effort to live in a nicer apartment (by cleaning my current one, because I can’t afford a different one). The new couch and coffee table are in position, the shelves are refurbished so they don’t look like a holocaust, and a new bed is on order! Now all I have to do is empty the closets, throw out a third of what’s in there, and put the rest back in sensible fashion. That is going to be hot, filthy work, like coal-mining, but when it’s done, I will be a better person.

    NOTE: I might be the same terrible person.

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