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This past weekend, I spent all of my evenings in front of a couch watching television (i.e. this blog’s mantra).  I spent one of them watching fan favorite Joe Mande in his new Netflix comedy special, the aptly titled Award-Winning Comedy Special.  In it, he talks about life, love, terrorists, cannibalism, and of course, shitting.  That may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but it is well worth it.


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  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I caught up on Orphan Black. The 3 most recent episodes were a big improvement over the first half of the season, especially the episode that focused on Rachel.

    I started watching Broadchurch, and like it so far. I’m only 2 episodes in.

    Has anyone else watched You’re the Worst? I’m coming to the end of season 2, and I still don’t know how to feel about it. There are super hilarious moments, really intense and pretty sad moments, but also a lot of annoying filler. I remain entertained enough to stick with it, but I don’t know if I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Kate says:

    There’s a show on netflix? I think, called Patriot. We only watched one episode, but I’m interested in the second one. It’s very…different. With lots of our favorite actors.

    • Kate says:

      Oh and I told this story before, but I’m not sure everyone saw. In the Joe Mande special he tells a story about going to a Fox Huckabee taping. He went to it for a Videogum post!

    • There’s a show on Amazon called Patriot; are you talking about the one with the reluctant spy and John Locke from Lost? It’s a bit slow but interesting enough that I watched the whole season.

  3. flanny says:

    This weekend I watched something on Amazon from the BBC called “The Living and the Dead” and at first I wasn’t into it, but in the last three episodes there were some neat twists that I liked. It was moderately spooky, but not so spooky I couldn’t sleep at night. (Full disclosure: sometimes I cannot sleep at night if I look at photos of Jack the Ripper’s victims after lunch.)

  4. catweazle says:

    I haven’t watched any new TV but I did see William Shatner go on a Twitter rampage this week about something to do with Outlander fans and it led me to this bonkers article: https://www.vox.com/2016/6/17/11943538/outlander-fandom-william-shatner-shipping-controversy

    I find real-person shipping extremely creepy but my hot take is that Grandpa Shatner needs to take a nap and stop whining about SJWs. Also he tweeted a couple of things about TVD/The Originals ships he supports so I tweeted at him from the podcast’s account asking if he wanted to be a special guest on a podcast run by two misandrists who love social justice and he didn’t reply 😦

    • Shatner developed an intense hatred for the last Bachelor, Nick Viall, and apparently campaigned a lot on Twitter for him to get voted off Dancing with the Stars. I think he sits around conjuring reasons to get into feuds with people.

      • catweazle says:

        Luckily I’ve never really watched Star Trek so his douchebaggery doesn’t ruin my life or anything but I’ll never be able to enjoy Miss Congeniality quite as much.

      • hotspur says:

        I don’t understand how Shatner has time for Twitter because in my opinion Captain Kirk is real and running the Starship Enterprise is a full-time job.

    • Erika says:

      If the rumors are true, Heughan/Balfe shippers are really barking up the wrong tree where Heughan is concerned.

  5. Summer TV is pretty slow. Is anyone watching Salvation or am I the only network TV watcher around these parts? Basically there’s a meteor (or some sort of space object) headed for the Earth like in those two 1998 movies and some people are trying to stop it from making humans extinct.

    Shooter is back on USA on Tuesdays; I loved the first season and this one is good so far. Ryan Phillippe is so watchable, he’s great in this. I’m also enjoying Younger on Wednesdays.

  6. Mr Truck and I finished Ozark and I finished Bloodline last week. Both were really good but I think I liked Ozark better. I especially liked the end of the first season.
    I just started rewatching Justified. So good. Holds up.

  7. I need a new British mystery to fill the void my Inspector Lewis marathon has left, but the problem is that I’ve seen all of them. Getting caught up on Endeavor would be the logical next step, but Endeavor makes me too sad, as does Grantchester. If anyone has recs for a mystery series that’s not too gloomy OR silly, let me know, keeping in mind that I have almost definitely already watched it.

    • catweazle says:

      Have you watched Elementary? It’s not technically British but Jonny Lee Miller is.

      • Yes! I really like it (and I’ll be honest, I watch in part just for Joan’s outfits) but like all American network shows, there are too many episodes to keep up with. Part of the reason I love British TV and Netflix so much is that the seasons are short and manageable. I return to Elementary sporadically, though.

    • flanny says:

      Ugg, all the new British ones are too sad. Have you tried a rewatch of Miss Marple? (A Murder is Announced in particular scratches the itch for me a lot of the time.) Is Rosemary and Thyme too silly?

      • flanny says:

        Have you ever watched Cadfael? It’s about a medieval monk, but it’s good! And what about Baby Tennison? It wasn’t as sad as it could have been.

      • They ARE! Don’t get me wrong, I love caring way too much about fictional characters and being put through the emotional wringer, but throw in a few quips and have it end with everyone getting pints at the pub, shows, geez.

        I love Rosemary and Thyme (which is indeed very silly, but comforting)! But, you know, watched it. A Miss Marple rewatch isn’t a bad idea, though–it’s been so long that probably forgotten a lot, and there are so many versions to choose from.

        • flanny says:

          Also, sometimes I just want a goofy old murder, and not all the trauma and rape and incest and things that are all the rage nowadays. I just want to sit down and try to solve a crime before the 90 minutes are up without feeling like I need to talk to my therapist.

          One of my “favorite” things about myself is that I have a very bad memory for plots. There’s a series of books that I’ve literally read four or five times, and a couple weeks ago my sister had to remind me who-dun-it in one of them. Rewatches are not an issue for me.

        • Agreed! I can handle it sometimes if it’s done well (Happy Valley was very good, if traumatic), but I watch TV to escape my troubles, check in on my fictional boyfriends, and pretend I could totally solve murder myself, given the opportunity. Preferably on a train.

  8. hotspur says:

    Has anyone watched the TNT series “Will,” about Shakespeare? I have not. It looks like a dog and I would like to be reassured that it is, so I can stop worrying that I’m missing out. Anyone?

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