How Was Your Weekend?

Mine felt like the shortest weekend that ever was. Where did it go?? I spent it exactly the way I wanted to, by sleeping a lot and reading mystery novels (I still have a vacation hangover and needed to rest), but it went by way too fast and I feel a little cheated.

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  1. FRQ says:

    I got back from my vacation Saturday evening. We ended up spending almost all of the first 4 days with family, but were able to sneak out Sunday afternoon to check out Disneyland. It’s a great microcosm of its sister resort in Florida. Even though it’s a lot like the Magic Kingdom, it’s different enough to make the trip worth it. I would even say its Space Mountain is better. The rest of our trip was in Palm Springs, where we treated with 100+ degree desert heat. Oddly enough, I got used to the temperature, and ended up spending most of the time by the pool or walking around town. I’m now back at work, dreading how busy I will be these next couple of weeks.

  2. catweazle says:

    I got to Toronto yesterday and did a very touristy double decker bus tour plus a boat tour of the harbor. It was fun! Unfortunately I was unable to watch the Game of Thrones finale because apparently HBO Now doesn’t work when you’re outside the US and my hotel doesn’t have HBO. So I can’t watch it until Friday! And therefore can’t look at any social media all week! I am so nervous that I’m going to see a spoiler somehow anyway though.

    • I’m not sure if it would work, but Tunnel Bear, a vpn service, lets you do a free trial and is very easy to use, if you want to trick HBO into thinking you’re in the US. It’s how I watched the vastly superior Canadian coverage of the Olympics.

    • mordonez says:

      Can you even believe the Borgovir dove off the Diretower to what he assumed would be his death and the end of his house, only to be rescued by the previously rumoured but never-seen Giant Sloths of the Wastes? [note: intentionally as nonsensical as possible to avoid subconscious reveal of plot points].

      • hotspur says:

        I was as surprised as anyone when Legolas swooped in on Pegasus and killed Darth Khan Noonian Singh with that sword-snowflake from Krull.

  3. hotspur says:

    This was my recovery-from-travels weekend too. Friday I did the German Restaurant thing I do 2-4 times per year. Always a good evening.

    Saturday I watched two Ozarks (my sister alerted me that Ozark is good and she is right; it starts out above average and improves with each episode so far), read nonfiction, and then went out to see Mayweather-McGregor. The Local Sports Bar was full of people who’d never seen boxing or MMA before, lured in by pure hype. The guys around me were confused when the fight didn’t start at 6:00, and shocked when I told them, “Yeah, the card starts at 6:00 — there’s three fights before the main one.” Anyway a friend showed up and it was a likeable enough crowd, even with a few knuckleheads chanting “USA! USA!” for no reason. Plus I bet a small amount of money and actually won just enough to cover the night out. Woohoo, free Saturday.

    Sunday, slightly hungover, I watched another Ozark, ate three Yasso bars, and finished a touchup on the vampires. I caught one big problem (a minor character was sometimes called Erika, sometimes Karen — oops) and felt pretty glad about that. I did not leave my apartment. A successful weekend.

    • mordonez says:

      Harold Robbins once semi-famously changed one or more character name mid-novel and refused to fix it or allow it to be fixed, per his editor Michael Korda. They received…no complaints. So the lesson here is to become a smash-hit novelist of 70s trash, I guess?

      • hotspur says:

        It’s a good plan. I’ll angle for it.

        Check out my new book, Carpetbaggers in the Valley of the Bloodline Airport.

  4. flanny says:

    On Sunday I went to the open house for the house I lived in senior year of college. According to the paperwork the realtor gave me, the current owners have owned the house since March 2005, which would have been, like, eight months after my lease ended. The house is in fairly good shape, but for having owned it for that long, the current owners haven’t improved it much. For example, my roommate and I once “broke into” the house through the first-floor windows when we forgot our keys after running to Blockbuster to get the next disc of Sex & the City (#2004), and the windows haven’t been replaced. They did install a diswasher, though.

  5. Theresa, what mystery novels are you reading? I just finished an author’s catalog and need new material.

    I spent the weekend suffering from my stupid tooth infection, which knocked me out like a proper illness. I was a little scared about how sick I was on Friday but the antibiotics are kicking in and I have my root canal tomorrow. I read a few books and watched Australian Survivor (it’s like regular Survivor except they have awesome accents and say things like “I had a ripper time, mate”). My good friend Amazon brought me the yellow Gatorade that I need to survive any sickness so I didn’t even have to leave the house.

    • Ashley Weaver’s Amory Ames series (light but very fun historicals), and now I’ve moved on to Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury series, which is very well-written and I like the characters, but the actual mysteries haven’t really interested me as much.

      • flanny says:

        Have you read Martha Grimes’ other series about the Hotel Paradise? I’ve really enjoyed those.

      • Ooh thanks! Do they need to be read in order?

        • The Amory Ames ones, I’d say yes, because the main character and her relationship with her husband develops with each book. I’m only two deep in to the Richard Jury series so far, and it seems to be the same way–each book is a self-contained mystery, so it’s not like you couldn’t pick one up at random and be just fine, but reading them in order brings extra rewards when it comes to the characters themselves.

  6. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    There was a lot of good things about this weekend, but unfortunately, my stomach is completely fucked. I was really sick last night, and I’m scheduled to have a colonoscopy soon, but I’m super anxious about that for a million reasons, so I’m not sure if I’m going to go through with it.

    Also, the restaurant I go to like once a week with the best chocolate cake has changed their cake recipe, and now it is not good. Why would you mess with perfection???

    Once again, let me counter my pretty negative post with a happy dance gif. Those sneakers!

  7. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My weekend was really good. I went to get my nails done Saturday while Mr. Truck went out with friends (his parents watched the kids) and had a pretty good Sunday despite the crippling exhausting I’m facing as part of a parenting team required to take care of two kids under 3. They’re both so incredibly cute, though. I also finally hit a breaking point in my dairy-free existence where I got some goat’s cheese and cashew ice cream (I’m only excluding cow’s milk dairy) and that satisfied the craving adequately but GEEZ I can’t wait to be done with this.

  8. My weekend was a lot of stress. My final project for my grad class was due so I spent most of my time focused on that. I’m trying to find a new job and the pickings are slim right now, so I reached out to a few more places. At least I got a bike ride in.

  9. mordonez says:

    I worked Friday and Saturday night, and was dismayed to have to work Sunday when mrsdonez, who was driving her nephew home to Indiana, was alerted that she was supposed to be at work. We both have had Barnes and Noble as our second jobs forever, except for the time she was at Borders ,so I went in for her. Note to retail managers–when you post the schedule for a week that begins on Sunday pretty darned late, on say, mid day Wednesday, and everyone has already looked at the scheduling app to notice that they have the whole weekend free, please do not be surprised when they don’t show up…

    Anyway, escaped work, had some lovely fried seafood from the Fish Keg while watching GoT, and will now start staring daggers at George R.R. Martin’s New Mexico location until he publishes a book. Wait, that’s too vague–until he publishes the Winds of Winter. I contemplated doing a recap of the episode out of nowhere, but then I did not. Good Story!!!

    • How do you feel about this season? With no spoilers, I will say that I really enjoyed this season of Game of Thrones because I understood what was going on every episode and I knew who all the characters were. So I guess they dumbed it down, but it worked for me!

      • mordonez says:

        I….there were some good character moments and dialogue because the cast is very. talented but parts of the season I found sort of dumb? i don’t know, you can’t really put other seasons of the show on a pedestal, but I was kind of not “buying it” in spots. Also they keep making Jon the actual worst decision maker ever, which–we know that, does he have to suck ALL the time? Could the Night King be a more cartoonish villain?

        Adult Swim ran a bumper after the latest Rick and Morty that was essentially an “in memorium” that listed “the Writing on Game of Thrones, 2011-2016,”. I don’t entirely disagree? Anyway, will watch season 8 someday.

        Mostly separately, I keep getting more and more annoyed at Martin, which I know is not fair, but COME ON DUDE AND TURN IN A MANUSCRIPT. Yes, I know it’s bogus to demand creative work from people. And I’m sure it’s more interesting to oversee graphic novels and fancy maps and histories of your magical land than it is to grind on a story that should have been wrapped up ages ago, but argh! I can only hope that a good chunk of the last book is written as well (probably not, though–The Dream of Spring will finally come out what the last of the polar icecaps melt).

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