It’s Project Club Time!

I went to the bank last weekend! I think I already said that, but I wanted to mention it again. Every trip to the bank is a victory.

This week I need to go to the post office, vacuum, and wash a load of cold-weather clothing that’s been dirty since March.

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22 Responses to It’s Project Club Time!

  1. catweazle says:

    My new project is to find a new job fast. I’m glad I was already thinking about job searching because today my company’s parent company announced that they’re putting us up for sale and things have already been so fucked up since we acquired the company I used to work for and this is only going to blow shit up even more and I can’t take it. I haven’t actually job searched since right after I graduated college and I ended up getting a job at the Target Starbucks and then got out of there by having a friend pass along my resume to her company and then got out of there by being poached by my old manager. So… anybody have tips?

    • Search for recruitment agencies that deal with your preferred field! I was hired through a recruitment agency and they made the whole process so much easier. Obviously they don’t exist for every line of work, but there are more out there than people realize.

    • Tracey says:

      Man I was just thinking this morning that I need to look for a new job but I’m in the throes of inertia. I know a guy who works remotely and for over a year now he’s been traveling the world – he goes EVERYWHERE and it looks so amazing (although he admitted in a blog post that for stretches of time he’s been unhappy so nothing is perfect, really). I guess my point is: let’s find a way for us all to make some money and travel the world.

    • mordonez says:

      I would also like to subscribe for tips. My job is not terrible, and working from home is nice (although my doctor legitimately told me to add a Vitamin D supplement because I live in a cave). However, I can’t say I see a lot of potential to move the needle on my cash money intake without switching companies, and I too am bound by 11 years of intertia.

  2. flanny says:

    This isn’t a project, but the literacy group I volunteer with won one of the 25K grants that I mentioned a few months ago!

  3. hotspur says:

    For 2 weeks I have been making a mental list of odds and ends I need, like Comet, saline solution, razors, a bicycle pump, detergent, the Clif Bars that have hazelnut butter inside — you know, your basic stuff — and I have been postponing handling this. But on the way to work today, I stopped at Target and bought them all in one fell swoop. It came to $95, which was a shock, but at least I remembered everything. Project DONE.

    Except that as I typed that sentence, I realized I forgot toilet paper. Sigh.

    Additionally, I was supposed to see my gamer friends this weekend, and it was my turn to build the scenarios. I was really dragging my feet on that project, which was kind of huge — and last night, someone announced they couldn’t make it, so we agreed to cancel. What a load off! So I was finally able to do my other long-postponed project: Drink wine while watching TV.

  4. Tracey says:

    Per my dad’s instructions, I need to check the air in my tires because they can lose pressure when the weather changes. My endodontist had to reschedule today’s appointment, which means I can’t multi-task at tomorrow’s regular dentist appointment, so I have a minimum of four more dentist appointments to close out this saga – and that’s only if everything goes right. All this dental work and my teeth aren’t even going to look any better, it’s all back of the mouth stuff.

    On a positive note, I booked a one-day trip to San Francisco in December. Southwest was having a $29 each way sale so I thought I’d fly up at 6 am and come back at 8 pm to have a little adventure without the expense of a hotel room. Having things to look forward to is an important part of enjoying life as a single person. Maybe I’ll write a book about this topic.

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I want to finish a couple of “big” projects by the end of the weekend. I’m going to pick 2 of them, and will hopefully be able to report back that I was successful!

    1. Clean out the garage.
    2. Finish portfolio website.

    I also have to run some miscellaneous errands, make progress on some work projects, and do the usual stuff like laundry.

    Also, my psychologist suggested that I read a book called The Happiness Trap, specifically the illustrated version… …so, I’m going to make time to check that out.

  6. gnidrah says:


    There’ll be the full debrief as soon as I get my act together to write it (after an eight-hour flight, not to mention a straight month of work with basically two days off, I am knackered and in no fit state to put ‘pen’ to ‘paper’!)

    Just to say – my project is a new one, it’s to figure out how I can capitalise upon what was one of the most insane months of my life, and move in a different direction. 2018 is going to be interesting for Gnidrah, is all I can say.

  7. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I am going to be making Halloween costumes for myself, Tykeasaurus, 2Tyke2Saurus, and possibly parts for Mr. Truck! It’s mostly just building accessories and add-ons for colorful bases, but it’s a pretty big deal! I’m very very very excited about how cute it’s going to be and I’ll be completely crushed if Tykeasaurus decides she doesn’t want to wear it for some reason.

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