How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was very rainy, but good! Let me know if you got up to any Halloween shenanigans. You know who did? Our good friend Gwyneth.

Credit where credit is due, Goop, you jokester. That’s pretty great.

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19 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Kate says:

    We went to Philly for an overnight on Saturday. They were celebrating Halloween so I got to see all the little sweeties in their costumes, and later on I saw a few grown Halloweeners. We were celebrating Thomas’s birthday, and he loves Asian food and the Franklin Institute so we did both.

  2. actionjackson5 says:

    So many parties this weekend (both kids and adults)! We used trick candles on the 5-year-old’s cake, and his lungs are so strong only one relit, but he was still a great sport and blew it out repeatedly until it stayed out.

    I’m embarrassed to say it took me a minute to get Gwyneth’s costume. Weird that her costar in that movie made headlines today.

  3. mordonez says:

    Mrsdonez and I may have made an appearance as the twins from the Shining.

  4. Tracey says:

    My friends had me over for a BBQ on Friday night, Saturday I went to the gym then watched the World Series, yesterday I went to get a pedicure and had a few glasses of free wine (the best wine) so I had to take a nap before watching the World Series. I also did about ten hours of work, but it was all social media stuff so I could do it while watching baseball. For some reason my stream was on a 20 second delay (which is ironic because I watch on YouTube TV, which sponsored Saturday’s game), but the benefit was that I could hear cheering in the neighborhood when something exciting happened, so it let me know when to really pay attention.

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I was pretty lazy this weekend. I had to go to a Halloween event for work, but it was really cold outside, so the turnout was pretty small. I tried to catch up on sleep and watched 4 episodes of the new Stranger Things season. It’s fine, but it’s not as addictive as season 1.

    Also, Entenmann’s has pumpkin donuts out right now, and they are very good. I’ve been breaking them up into donut hole sized pieces so I don’t eat too much at a time.

  6. flanny says:

    My curling team won our first league match (or whatever) by a hefty margin! At least I think it’s hefty. I don’t really understand scoring yet.

  7. catweazle says:

    We had baby’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon and as always he was the cutest. My aunt gave him a toy microwave that beeps and when you press the start button it lights up and the tray spins and he was so obsessed with it that he wouldn’t let go of it when it was time to leave and I got some great photos of him napping in the car clutching it like a stuffed animal.

    Saturday night I went to a gay bar and let me tell you the #1 costume this year was Ninja Turtles followed closely by various Avengers (I saw more Caps than anybody else). I saw a dude in an amazing Dayman costume which might have been my favorite. My Young Pope costume was a HIT though I think most people thought I was just a regular pope. Many people asked for me to bless their drinks and to take photos with me. I think I should dress as the pope all the time tbh.

    I bailed early because I had a ticket to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror and I’ve been wanting to go to this theater’s Halloween weekend screening for years. They had an audience-applause costume contest before the show (actually two, one for general costumes and one for Rocky Horror costumes) and I co-won with a hot lady dressed as Wonder Woman and that felt like QUITE an accomplishment. Unfortunately during the scene where Meatloaf comes busting out of a freezer on a motorcycle and sings a dumb song, the dude in the live cast playing Meatloaf jumped into my row, right on top of me, and my diet coke exploded all over me and my costume is now ruined. But it gave me a good excuse to leave early (it was 2AM and we were only halfway through the movie because there was so much pre-show shit!) so it wasn’t all bad.

  8. Erika says:

    Boyfriend and I had our bad movie party on Friday. I made red velvet cupcakes, and the movies on offer were Super Mario Bros and Garbage Paul Kids. To be honest, it was getting a little too tedious by the end for my liking. There’s talk of doing a Christmas themed bad movie night in a couple months but we’ll see.

    I had wanted to do a couple costume, but we never got around to getting the materials for my boyfriend to dress as Barf and for me to dress as Lone Star. Maybe next year.

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