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So, How Was Your Day?

I got a lot done today, which is nice, and it’s lovely and October-y outside. Plus I actually exercised for the first time in ages, even though I immediately canceled it out by eating a family-sized serving of tortellini for … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

What have you been watching? I’ve heard that Mindhunter on Netflix is good, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

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How Was Your Weekend?

I got to play with a puppy, had awesome Thai food, and got a fraction of my huge amount of chores done, so mine wasn’t bad! As usual, I feel guilty about not being more productive, though. Obviously the clear … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are your weekend plans? I have some dog-petting and then a lot of writing to do.

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This Weekend’s Flanospooks

It’s time for Flanospooks! They’re like horoscopes except they tell you what you’ll see at an abandoned K-Mart. Aries (March 21-April 19) Two sets of queen sized sheets but in an offensively ugly pattern.

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It’s Project Club Time!

Here’s last week’s post. Once again, I’m bumping all my goals out another week, because never mind, that’s why! I get to see a friend’s puppy on Friday, so my only new goal is to pet the puppy. I feel … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was a bit of a blur because I was very tired and decided to screw up my sleep patterns even more by drinking coffee in the evening. It was VERY good coffee though, so I have few regrets.

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