Tuesday TV Talk

Thanksgiving is a time to bring family together.  It’s also a time to find ways to avoid them once you’re done eating, and television is one of the most time honored methods of doing so.  What will you be watching this week?  Parades?  TV show marathon?  Movie marathon?  Football?  A brand new episode of Young Sheldon? (lol)  Let us know about your viewing plans.

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13 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I love TV, but I’m not really that into any of the shows I’m currently watching. So, please recommend some stuff. Or maybe I’ll check out a few movies this weekend.

    I was happy with the winner of Project Runway. I thought everyone did a good job, and the show was entertaining overall.

    Two gripes that are spoiler free:

    1. What was with the new runway design? One of my favorite parts of Project Runway is the shot of the designers walking into the runway room and realizing that their dreams are about to come true. This weird, new runway looked small and cramped, and did not have the same dramatic effect for me. The designers probably didn’t care – they are at New York Fashion Week!

    2. The winner’s family member fell down some stairs when they came out to congratulate the winner. Seriously Project Runway? You couldn’t edit that out? You guys are dicks.

  2. catweazle says:

    I’m working from home tomorrow and it’s probably going to be dead so I’m planning to watch Star Wars all day (the original Trilogy + The Force Awakens, and if time allows Rogue One on Netflix).

  3. actionjackson5 says:

    I will keep tradition alive and try to watch a classic episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 during their Turkey Day Marathon. There are multiple ways to watch, on Roku, on YouTube, etc. (Not a paid ad, I promise!).

  4. Kate says:

    We were planning on watching the new Star Trek Discovery with our free CBS week, but we accidentally watched all 9 episodes already. Oops. It’s great. Kind of dark for a Star Trek series. The Discovery is like the island of misfit toys with the coolest ship in the fleet during wartime. Fantastic.

    • Tracey says:

      I thought it was way too Klingon-heavy in the beginning and every Klingon scene brought the show to a grinding halt, but as the season went on it got better! Like they tried to make us root for a Klingon who raped a human just because she was trying to undermine the main Klingon? No way. But Sonequa Martin-Green is great as the lead.

      • Kate says:

        I agree about the Klingon scenes slowing things down. And I wish darn CBS would just put it on regular TV instead of the dumb app!

        • Tracey says:

          I also want to say that I don’t understand why they set Discovery before the original series. We know the outcome of the war! They can’t have technology that doesn’t exist in previous shows! (Except the spore drive thing, I guess. But we know how that turns out!) I would have preferred to move forward in time.

  5. Tracey says:

    I watched all of the final season of Longmire and I’m so mad at myself for not pacing it out, but it was really good! If you haven’t watched Longmire, give it a shot, it’s all on Netflix. I’m not going to say my opinions on the ending because it hasn’t been out that long and I don’t want to spoil anyone.

    Last night I watched the first three episodes of Future Man on Hulu. What to say about Future Man? There are some parts that are so funny – I spit out a mouthful of iced tea at one joke – but the humor is stupid-funny, and occasionally so puerile as to make my eyes roll out of my head. Why does Seth Rogen insist on including immature sex stuff? How are sex jokes funny to adults who are presumably having sex? It just seems like you should grow out of that by age 16 or so. But I recommend checking out the first two episodes to decide if this show is for you. The stuff about the people traveling back in time from a dystopian future and not understanding life in the present is hilarious.

    The other night I had a dream that I got to program a 24-hour Keanu Reeves movie marathon for a TV station and I based my choices on who I think watches TV at different times of day (like I’ll show Parenthood and Bill & Ted in the 9 am to 1 pm block, and John Wick after 10 pm) so now I might spend the long weekend watching my fictional movie marathon.

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