How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was four days long, so obviously is was a success. Thanksgiving was, too, as I stuffed my face but managed to avoid the dreaded leftovers hangover. Tell me all about your holiday, and include as many pictures of food you ate and pets you snuggled with as you see fit.

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6 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. catweazle says:

    Thanksgiving was nice until somebody decided to bring up the current sexual abuse stuff and some members of the older generation were like “It’s going to go too far, we’ve got to be careful because false accusations blah blah blah Al Franken is fine” and I wanted to die. Speaking of dying, one of my aunt and uncle’s dogs is dying of cancer and they kept putting her outside in the cold because the baby is scared of her and I don’t even like this dog very much but I was like “WTF” and went out on the back porch to pet her while she whined at the door and shivered. I love the baby but ffs, don’t do that to your poor sick dog!

    Anyway, I went Black Friday shopping after work with my sister and the baby and that was super fun. I didn’t buy nearly as much stuff as usual because I am an adult now I guess and also because I was distracted by how adorable the baby was. He’s in a phase where he likes to try to repeat random things that you say (but with his speech disorder it all comes out cutely garbled) so I got to hear him say things like “Mama is peeing” and “reindeer poop” and “lavish cape” and “luxurious robe”. He is the best.

    • catweazle says:

      Oh also now if you ask him what a dog says instead of “woof” he does a little howl and it sounds exactly like the howl Shakira does in She Wolf.

  2. Tracey says:

    I had a dental scare on Wednesday, a migraine on Thursday night, and my back seized up on Saturday, leading to two days of lying on a heating pad. On the plus side, I had a lovely low-key Thanksgiving meal of steak, asparagus, and cauliflower with friends. I also saw Thor and Justice League, and rewatched all four seasons of My Boys, which is a perfectly bland hang out sitcom that follows a group of friends with no real problems. It’s funny and stress-free, just what the doctor in my head ordered (she went to Harvard so she knows what she’s talking about).

    I’m excited for this week! On Wednesday I’m going to the Happy Place ( and on Saturday I’m heading up to San Francisco for the day just to walk around. But I’m on a big deadline at work so I better get back to that.

  3. flanny says:

    My older sister and I went to the same elementary school but different high schools, and on Saturday the elementary school and my sister’s high school had an all-class reunion at a bar near my mom’s house. My sister and I went to it, but I was the youngest person there and the only person from my class (there were a couple of people I recognized who were a couple years older than me) and at one point my sister ditched me to hang out with her cheerleader friends! Sisters!!!
    Meanwhile, this morning someone on a professional listserve I’m on posted a job that checks a lot of boxes for me, and while I’m not actively looking for a new job, I’d take one if it was right. So I’m drafting an email to some lady to find out more. It’s kind of scary!

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I’m not sure how a four day weekend goes by so fast, but overall, it was a pretty good weekend.

    Hung out with family on Thanksgiving, slept for about 11 hours on Thursday night, finished a big work project, and watched way too much TV.

    I really wanted to watch something pleasant on Thanksgiving – everything I watch is dramatic or dark or cynical. I watched Sing Street, and it was exactly what I was looking for. The music was fun and I laughed out loud multiple times. I would recommend the movie.

  5. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Overall my weekend was good – we had good food and good family and friends and that was all fun. We left the kids with their grandparents Thursday until Saturday and so we had a bunch of relaxation time Friday except we spent most of it prepping for Friendsgiving which we hosted Saturday. I was just constantly anxious that we weren’t enjoying our time without the kids enough. Then I couldn’t wait to see them again. Kids! Friendsgiving was fun except too much work and also everyone’s kids were there (9! 9 kids!) and at multiple points were just screaming or running or playing the drums and I don’t think I want to ever host that again. Or even attend if someone else hosts it.

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