This should be a Project Club post, and I’ve actually been doing fine in regards to keeping up with my to-do list lately, but, eh. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always hazy and weird–having two major holidays so close screws up my internal schedule–and obviously the world is a surrealist nightmare right now, so let’s just vent instead. The pettier your complaint, the more I’ll enjoy reading about it, just FYI.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m always so stressed this time of year, but there’s extra work stuff going on due to the sale of the practice, plus I came down with some weird and very painful thyroid disease that makes me feel like I have the flu. There’s nothing to be done for it except steroids, which make me crazy and even more sleepless, but at least they took the pain away. So I’m up in the night doing online Christmas shopping, and I’ll have to apologize in advance for the gifts that emerge from my steriod induced frenzy. Next week it’s my birthday week! And I’m heading to Disney World with hubby for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll bake this strange disease out of me.

  2. flanny says:

    Complaint 1) I don’t know what the fuck bitcoin is and I want to stop hearing about it.
    Complaint 2) This morning my co-worker (let’s call her “Janet”) emailed me asking me to do something for her. Sadly that something is not my job, but is the literal exact job of someone who reports to me (we’ll call her “Mindy”). This is becomming a common thing, where Janet will ask me to do just this sort of task, and I’ve done it a couple of time because I know how to do it and because Mindy was out or doing another part of her job or whatever. Janet will email only me, going over Mindy’s head, as if I’m not going to check to see if she followed protocol and asked Mindy. But today I forwarded the email on to Mindy, because it is literally her job and I am her boss. So Janet came down and was like, “Did you get my very important and extremely urgent email????” And I told her I’d forwarded it to Mindy, and Janet was like, “Yeah, but will she do it soon?” I acknowledge that sometimes it takes Mindy some time to get stuff done, but that’s because she has a lot of weird projects for her job that generally are better done is one sitting, so other things can be put off. But why should Janet assume I would do it fast, anyway? I literally said to her, “I do have things I have to do for my job.” I don’t have time to drop everything I’m doing to do this task for you WHICH IS NOT EVEN MY JOB AND WHICH I’M SURE YOU KNEW ABOUT FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS SO IT CAN’T BE THAT URGENT! Ugg, anyway, Mindy’s going to do it after she finishes up another project. Janet! The worst!

  3. Tracey says:

    I had a rainbow grill cheese for lunch yesterday and to my disappointment, the cheese was only yellow and blue. That’s not a rainbow! But the food truck guy gave it to me for free so I ate it happily, I just didn’t get to post any pictures on social media. OK I’ll post it here. Also the first issue of the John Wick comic book came out and it’s pretty lame.

  4. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    You guys, I slept through all 3 of my alarms this morning, and woke up ridiculously late for work. I’m so embarrassed! I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday or Tuesday night, but still. I’m going to have to hire a wake up call service, but I don’t know if those actually exist. Elaine hired one on an episode of Seinfeld, but I’m not sure I can base real life decisions of of the plot of a sitcom that aired 20 years ago.

    I did not hit the reset button on life yesterday. Maybe tonight?

  5. collin0truckasaurus says:

    This guy at work really bugs me – he took over parts of my old job and he does them much MUCH worse than I did to the point that we don’t know ANYTHING compared to when I did it. And yet, no one says anything! I used to get in trouble for the stupidest aspects of this job and he does it all decidedly worse and he gets treated like our bright young up-and-comer who blows everyone away with how brilliant he is! He just doesn’t do the parts that he doesn’t like. I spent 5 1/2 years working my ass off on the parts I liked and the parts I didn’t to make sure that this area was covered beyond reasonable expectation.
    And then! Our EVP asked my counterpart (same title) to work on this project. She split it up with me and I’ve been doing most of the work, but he set up a meeting with her and this other guy who has done NOTHING until today (like wouldn’t even set up an account for the website!) and she had to get me added to the meeting after the fact and I’m sure he’s going to go in and give his half-assed opinion and will look great and I’ve actually done the work and it’ll just be like “fine”.

    • flanny says:

      What do people like that think they’re doing? Do they KNOW they’re the worst? Or do they not realize that everyone else is doing all their work?

  6. catweazle says:

    Since we acquired my old company I have gone from having two work enemies to having FIVE work enemies and I’m going nuts. Let me tell you about all five of them!

    1. My sister’s horrible ex-boyfriend who STILL FUCKING WORKS HERE for some reason and now we sit in the same cube cluster so I can hear him NEVER ANSWERING THE GODDAMN PHONE (my whole department shares one phone line and I answer the phone ~12-15 times a day while others never fucking pick it up). Outside of work he is involved in some of the same local political groups as my sister and she keeps having to worry about running into him at events and it’s stressing her out and I just want to choke the life out of him with my bare hands!

    2. That one lady who used to pop over the cube wall like a jack-in-the-box from hell and spy on my monitors and loudly comment if I happened to be looking at something non-work-related. I don’t sit next to her anymore but I can still hear her chatting with people all the time and the sound of her laughter makes me want to die. I also recently learned that she was extremely rude to our lovely office manager to the point that her boss’s boss had to force her to apologize.

    3. This dude who works in sales who drove me crazy when we worked together at my old company and he is even worse now because since I left that company he got promoted a bunch of times and now he sits right on the other side of the cube wall from me so I have to hear all of his personal conversations which means basically hearing him tell the same stuff to every person who comes to talk to him throughout the day. For a few weeks it was about his trip to Australia and how jetlagged he was. Currently it is all the fascinating classes he’s taking in business school.

    4. This other dude who works in sales and also sits right across from me. I don’t really hear him talking much compared to #3 but he just always has this smug look on his face like he’s the most important person in the world and he likes to lean back in his chair and put his feet up on his desk and I’m like GIRL YOU ARE IN A CUBICLE EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE GO BACK TO SWEDEN OR WHEREVER IT IS YOU COME FROM.

    5. This dude who was hired at my old company literally because my boss at the time thought he was cute. He works with me again now and never knows what the fuck he’s doing or talking about and he asks questions in the most confusing and obnoxious way possible (like instead of “Hey to turn on the light do I flip this switch or that switch” he’ll say “So the thingy over there is for lights right?”) and he also thinks he is a lot better at his job than he actually is and therefore will question me when I tell him he did something wrong (or just reply “Hmmm” which makes me want to scream).


  7. actionjackson5 says:

    For the second year in a row, our youngest waited until I left for work, then found and ate EVERY DAY from the chocolate advent calendar on day 1. I wanted to create some traditions for them they’ll remember fondly when they’re old and grumpy like me, but this is NOT what I had in mind.

    (Fortunately, work is fine and I don’t have any crazy coworkers. Apologies to those who do!)

  8. Erika says:

    Speaking of petty complaints, my gym is on my last nerve with their check-in set up. For reasons I can’t completely fathom*, the gym usually doesn’t put the scanner for scanning your membership card on the counter. When you walk in, the person working at the front desk lifts the scanner up to you so you can use it. And, if the person at the front desk is helping a customer with a complicated issue (setting up a new membership, cancelling an old one), more likely than not you have to stand there waiting for the entire issue to be resolved before the front desk person will lift the precious card scanner. Since I’m turning into a cranky old woman, usually I interject at some point to get the front desk person to acknowledge my existence, but it still grates. Last night it happened again, and the front desk person seemed to be going out of her way to pretend I wasn’t there intensely staring at her. I swear the next time it happens, I’m just breezing on by, and the front desk staff can chase me down, or not.

    *I actually suspect it’s intended to force the front desk staff to interact with members as we walk in. I’ve been to another location near my old job, and that front desk staff was extremely aloof and unfriendly, and they just left the scanner out at all times. I greatly prefer that to be honest, and not just because of the convenience.

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