How Was Your Weekend?

It is FREEZING here so mine was very cold, but nice. And, since it’s Tuesday, please share your favorite holiday TV specials/movies/whatever you watched with the fam over the weekend.

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6 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. catweazle says:

    We all got locked out of my mom’s apartment on Christmas when we left to go see Star Wars and it was a whole ordeal because there was a ladder outside her building and we knew the porch door was unlocked so my brother and I were like “One of us will climb the ladder and let everybody in” which would have been quick, easy and free but my mom was freaking out about it so instead we got completely gouged by an emergency locksmith. Other than that and the fact that it was 1000 degrees in my mom’s apartment it was a good weekend. We’re doing extended family Christmas tonight and my sisters and I are all wearing the same silly Christmas dress from Target. I wonder if it will freak out the baby?

    • catweazle says:

      Oh and we watched two very horrible made for TV Christmas movies this year!

      Back to Christmas: High powered career gal dumped her boyfriend (played by Sheriff Lamb from Veronica Mars) on Christmas because she thought he was going to propose but he gave her earrings instead. One year later her life is in shambles I guess because she doesn’t have a man, so a truly bizarre Christmas spirit/witch played by the lady who played Jan in the 90s Brady Bunch movies sends her back in time so she can redo last Christmas. But of course there is a “hunky” carpenter who grew up across the street and who she’s always thought of as a brother hanging around.

      Falling for Christmas: Champion figure skater hurts her foot and her overbearing coach sends her to a mountain physical therapy spa place to recover and she meets a local single dad who shows her that there’s more to life than winning. His daughter’s name is Chamonix and this ridiculous name is never explained.

  2. Tracey says:

    I’ve been watching Mindhunter and thinking that it’s really good, but I can’t blame people for not telling me about it because everyone did and I just ignored them. I watched The Big Sick and Hello, My Name Is Doris with my parents and they were great! I can’t believe Sally Fields didn’t win any awards for that movie.

  3. flanny says:

    I went deep into the belly of a winter storm warning for Christmas, which was fun when we went showshoeing but not fun when I got stuck in my sister’s driveway and needed her to drive me back to my hotel in her SUV.

    I didn’t watch much TV this week to speak of, but I did watch a couple of episodes of Odd Squad with my 11yo niece. She kept on trying to explain to me the characters and concept as if I, a 35yo woman with no children, wouldn’t have ever watched the show. But luckily I’m a lunatic so I have. It’s funny, guys. A++ funny kids’ show.

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