It’s Project Club Time!

I only have one goal this week: to break down the mountain of boxes I’ve accumulated from online orders recently and put them in the recycling bin. I think I’ll do it tonight while I catch up on some podcasts.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I have a huge list of personal and work projects so I just plugged them all into this website called todoist. Usually I keep the list in my head, but it’s over 25 items long right now. The main personal items that I need to be accountable on are signing up for dental insurance (I keep looking at plans but the ones that are accepted by the dentist I like all have bad coverage – I want a plan that covers a significant portion of root canals and crowns). Also I need to get my two Simple IRAs combined – we switched from Fidelity Advisor to Fidelity a few years ago and getting them put together is a major pain in the ass. One might think that since they are both with Fidelity, they would be from the same company. Nope! They don’t communicate at all.

  2. taoreader says:

    I hate dealing with insurance, it’s really the worst.

    Do you like using todoist?

    • Tracey says:

      I just started this morning! But I have a personal list and a work list so that’s cool. Also I spent all day doing stuff not on the list, which is less cool.

  3. taoreader says:

    Okay, so I’ve made a little progress on my memoir, and I think I have another excerpt ready to send out for publication. I think. I read it for some fellow writers last night and got a good response, so I should probably just do it already.

    Also, I need to find a new PCP, so that’s what I want for my project this coming week!

    • collin0truckasaurus says:

      I need to find a new PCP too…do you just schedule a physical? Or just call and say, hey, you’re my doctor now, see you when I’m sick?

      • For appointments with new doctors, I’ve always called and asked if Dr. __ is accepting new patients, and then asked what else I need to do if the answer is yes. If I feel awkward I just tell them I’m new to the area (which has been true in some cases).

        • taoreader says:

          That’s pretty much what I do. I just say I need a new PCP and I want to get established with them. I guess they’ll want to meet me? But I’m not sure. I might just schedule an annual checkup for a few months down the line when I’m due.

  4. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My work best friend and I decided to start a side project that we hope we can use to pitch new jobs for ourselves. We need to get a plan together for this. I’m worried it’s so much more work than we’re expecting.

  5. hotspur says:

    I am trying to accomplish one chore per day. This week, I got my car smogged AND re-registered, I ordered a birthday gift for a friend, and I checked on Ticketmaster to see if tickets I have are refundable. This is what a disaster I am in 2018, that looking on the Ticketmaster website, which took 15 seconds, felt like a challenge I had to “deal with” and I put it off for literally months. BUT NOW IT IS DONE. Later I will decide what actually to do with the tickets. 2018, you are not my best personal year so far.

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