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How Was Your Weekend?

I was VERY lazy and took a whole bunch of naps. No regrets.

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Tiny Dogs for Big Feels

Look, times are confusing and not a little depressing. We live in a world full of lying politicians, asshole bigots, rising walls, idiot bosses, nuclear threat, and a deteriorating global environment. Wait… where are you going? Stick with me. We … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

Gifs are not cooperating with me on this historic day, when the British royal family named one of their own for Flanny’s favorite member of One Direction, but please tell me about your weekend plans anyway.

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Unnecessary Movie Assignment #23

You guys, I’ve done some very serious thinking about how we operate here. And as a result, we’re about to go off the rails.

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Thursday Open Post

This week is so loooong and I forgot to queue up the Project Club post and I’m feeling whiny in general, so please whine with me.

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Tournament of Hotties: Round Four

Hello hello! Thank you for participating in yesterday’s tiebreaker. We can now move forward, and since we’ve narrowed the field so much at this point I am lumping all of Round Four into one very sexy post. We’ve got a … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine is going well, and it’s obviously a very exciting time for those of us who have spent too many nights scaring the crap out of ourselves watching documentaries about serial killers.

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Tournament of Hotties: We Have A Tie To Break

Hi everyone! I woke up this morning (jk I finished work and then moved from my work computer to my laptop) ready to write the next tournament post only to find we had an exact tie between Michael B. Jordan … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

What are you watching?

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Unnecessary Movie Review: Minnesota Clay (1964)

In which I finally watch a DVD I’ve owned for years, long after doing so could have any meaning. Why’d I buy this? Remember that DVD omnibus of 20 Spaghetti Westerns that I grabbed from a bargain bin? Tell me … Continue reading

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