Tournament of Hotties: Marvel and DC Round Two

Thank you all for your patience during the Hottie Hiatus! I am now finally moved into my new place and can concentrate all of my efforts on this most noble of tournaments. Round One was quite a roller coaster and I’m excited to see how Round Two plays out! Here is our current Marvel and DC bracket:

As you can see, there were no upsets in the first round which either means we are all predictable and boring OR I am just a fox psychic and really good at seeding. We have some epic matchups for this round though, and anything could happen! To help you best decide I am providing images of each hunk posing with a cute animal.

Michael B. Jordan (1) vs. Jason Momoa (8)

Do you like your guys ripped or RIPPED? This is the question you must contemplate when judging these two fine fellows.

Michael B. Jordan

I saw Black Panther again last week along with my mom who had not yet seen it. One of her first comments afterwards was “The muscles on those guys were CGI, right?” I assume she was mainly skeptical of Mr. Jordan’s physique which I agree is so beautiful as to appear to not be of this world. But it is, mom, it is. It’s no real surprise that Michael beat his round one competitor Daniel Bruhl 23 to 2.

Jason Momoa

I can’t even imagine what my mom’s reaction would have been if we had been watching Justice League (aside from “Why are we watching this, this is dumb”) and been graced by the presence of Jason Momoa’s torso. Talk about unreal! He took down Chris Pratt in round one without even breaking a sweat.

Sebastian Stan (5) vs. Chris Hemsworth (4)

We’re about to see these two fighting on the same side in Infinity War, but here on this blog they’re going to be facing off in a far more important battle: who is the hotter hottie?

Sebastian Stan

I believe that Sebastian only received one vote in his Tournament of Hotties debut, and look where he is now! Sterling K. Brown gave him a run for his money but at the end of the day the majority of you joined Team Bucky. Will his sexy star continue to rise?

Chris Hemsworth

Chris is a formidable opponent, having just defeated my husband Chiwetel Ejiofor by a handful of votes. My heart is as broken as Mjolnir about this, but it’s ok, I understand. Chris Hemsworth is a babe. I’ll allow it.

Winston Duke (6) vs. Chadwick Boseman (3)

Here we have life imitating art as M’Baku tries to take yet another throne from T’Challa. I wish we could get them to wrestle in a waterfall again but for now we’ll have to settle for some beautiful photographs. Please note that I was unable to find any photos of these two with animals so I made my own.

Winston Duke

Winston JUST edged out dark horse Charlie Cox for his round one victory. Maybe some of you haven’t seen Black Panther yet and that explains your mistake. I don’t know your lives.

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick has already defeated one of his fellow Wakandans in round one (Daniel Kaluuya put up a fight but just couldn’t make headway against the King). Will he do it again, or be usurped?

Chris Pine (7) vs. Chris Evans (2)

With a whole bracket devoted to men from comic book movies it was inevitable that there would be a Battle of the Chrises (and depending on how things go, there could be two!). Are you Team Captain America or Team Captain Kirk?

Chris Pine

When Chris Pine had his breakout in Star Trek I was very biased against him because of his role as the douchey love interest in The Princess Diaries 2 (Mia totally should have married the cute British guy!) followed by the awful experience of watching Just My Luck on a plane, but over the years he has worn down my resistance and I have finally accepted that he is a babe. Mike Colter did his best but couldn’t take down Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend.

Chris Evans

What even needs to be said here? Ezra Miller is cute but he didn’t stand a chance against Captain Absmerica. My favorite thing about Mr. Evans isn’t his looks (though those are quite nice) but that he seems to be a genuinely good dude. Also, if you haven’t already, please listen to his guest appearance on Thirst Aid Kit in which he is a very good sport about being lusted after by half the world.

That’s it for today! Tune in later this week for Round Two of the Other Movie Actors bracket!

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  1. taoreader says:

    My favorite part is the photoshopped kitties!

    Also, I find it very difficult not to vote for the cutest animal, or for which animal looks the happiest with the hottie holding them. Hotness must include being sympatico with your animal!

    • Sergeant Tibbs says:

      I didn’t notice them until you said something! Those wakandans are very lucky to know the same kitten.

  2. gnidrah says:

    I love how it says “thank you for voting!” YOU’RE VERY WELCOME, WEBSITE!

  3. Nancy says:

    Awesome post! I just participated in “The Great Chris Debate!” with other bloggers and my Chris of choice was Chris Pine.

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