Tournament of Hotties: Other Movie Actors Round Two

Let’s keep this hot train rolling! The results of the Other Movie Actors bracket in round one were a little more surprising than yesterday’s battles. Here’s how things shook out:

Armie Hammer (1) vs. Lakeith Stanfield (9)

Armie and Lakeith are costars in the upcoming Sorry To Bother You. Please come back to this post after you have seen that movie a few months from now and giggle with me about Cassius Green and Steve Lift. Anyway, which one would you not be sorry to be bothered by?

Armie Hammer

Watching Armie romp around Italy shirtless was one of many delightful aspects of Call Me By Your Name (and was almost enough to make us forget about that awkward dancing scene). His CMBYN costar didn’t survive round one; can he take it home for the both of them?

Lakeith Stanfield

In our very first upset (well, they were only seeded one apart, does that count?) Lakeith Stanfield prevailed over Trevante Rhodes. This is especially impressive considering the thirst trap that was the photo I included for Trevante. Does he have what it takes to take down a #1 seed?

Colin Farrell (5) vs. Diego Luna (4)

These two wormed their way into our hearts over a decade ago but they have aged like fine wine (emphasis on fine). Who is the one to quench your thirst?

Colin Farrell

Poor Joel Edgerton didn’t stand a chance against our favorite Irish heartthrob. It really says something about Colin’s hotness that even after watching The Lobster I would still hit that.

Diego Luna

Diego is a true dreamboat and his return to the big leagues (in Rogue One) made me very, very happy. The very handsome André Holland didn’t post much of a challenge for Diego in round one. Will he ride the Star Wars wave to tournament victory?

Nicholas Hoult (11) vs. John Boyega (3)

It’s Brit vs. Brit with Nicholas and John. Who would you cross the pond for (that sounded like a weird euphemism but I swear it wasn’t)?

Nicholas Hoult

I was very relieved that Nicholas prevailed over Timothée Chalamet because Timothée Chalamet is just too young. Good job, guys! Mr. Hoult has a very nice face and even though he hasn’t been in any movies I’ve had any interest in seeing since A Single Man, that face has more than earned him his spot in this tournament.

John Boyega

Sorry General Hux, but Finn has defeated you again! John cruised through his first round on the strength of his beautiful face, impressive physique, and most importantly his movie star charm. Will this round prove more challenging or will he sail through again?

Jamie Dornan (10) vs. Mahershala Ali (2)

An Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor will now face off against a Razzie winner for Worst Actor. Which of these highly-lauded babes will prevail?

Jamie Dornan

I apparently overestimated how much you guys like Zac Efron because he proved no challenge for Mr. Fifty Shades of Grey. Can Jamie continue to distract you from his embarrassing filmography with his good looks and snatch another victory?

Mahershala Ali

It was a close race between Mahershala and David Oyelowo but our favorite Oscar winner prevailed in the end. With his two costars out of the running he will represent Moonlight for the rest of the tournament. Can he take it all the way?

With that, we’re halfway through Round Two! But hold on to your hats, because we’ll be chugging right along tomorrow with the TV Actors bracket.

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8 Responses to Tournament of Hotties: Other Movie Actors Round Two

  1. flanny says:

    That John Boyega meme is the reason I began following him on instagram. He doesn’t post that many pictures of his cat, I’m sorry to say.

  2. I’m very pleased with all these photographers who know to give us what we want: hot guys with cute animals.

  3. taoreader says:

    It is very hard for me to vote against a puppy!

  4. Tracey says:

    I’m sorry Nicholas Hoult you will always be a little boy to me and I cannot see you as hot, it would be very wrong.

  5. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    Poor Nicholas Hoult, but I mostly voted for John Boyega’s cat’s face.

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