Tournament of Hotties: TV Actors Round Two

Today we’re plowing forward with the TV Actors bracket, which proved to be an unpredictable and exciting beast in round one! Here are the current standings:

John Cho (1) vs. Damon Wayans Jr. (9)

Today we’re judging Coach from New Girl and Maybe A Lawyer Or Something? But Definitely Involved In That Jess Jury Duty Storyline Guy from New Girl!

John Cho

John Cho was a #1 seed for a reason and as much as we all love Chidi, William Jackson Harper was doomed from the start. Can this force of overwhelming handsomeness continue blazing a trail through the tournament?

Damon Wayans Jr.

It was very close between Damon and Rami Malek, but the Happy Endings fans prevailed this time around. He didn’t stick around for long on New Girl, but will he stick around this tournament until the end?

Cress Williams (12) vs. Milo Ventimiglia (13)

This is a very exciting matchup because Cress and Milo both toppled much higher-seeded opponents in round one. Which one is the ultimate underdog?

Cress Williams

I can’t tell you how surprised and pleased I was to see Cress take down Jude Law in round one, having been worried that not enough of you would know who he was. Clearly either you all are closet Hart of Dixie fans or you only needed to see one photograph to understand the beauty of Mayor Lavon Hayes.

Milo Ventimiglia

As somebody who very much does not understand the appeal of Adam Driver and especially of Kylo Ren, I was very proud of this blog for picking Milo by a huge margin. Does our love for Jess Mariano run deep enough for him to move forward another round?

Riz Ahmed (6) vs. Gael Garcia Bernal (3)

These two are both cute as a button AND socially conscious. Good luck choosing between them!

Riz Ahmed

Riz’s battle against Steven Yeun actually ended in an exact tie, but I ran a tiebreaker on Twitter and Riz emerged victorious.

Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal

David Harbour got a respectable 3 votes in his face-off with Gael, but come on. This was a foregone conclusion. Gael is the definition of adorable so it’s surprising that I wasn’t able to find any photos of him with puppies or kittens. Maybe he just doesn’t want the competition?

Kumail Nanjiani (7) vs. Taylor Kitsch (15)

This is quite an odd couple! So odd that I think they would be perfect together in a buddy cop movie. But this is a tournament, not a buddy cop movie.

Kumail Nanjiani

There were no voting shenanigans this time around, so Michael Shannon perished in round one. RIP girl! Kumail is a very deserving winner, and I hope his performance in this tournament will inspire Hollywood to make him the lead in more romantic comedies (we have that kind of clout around here, after all).

Taylor Kitsch

I am completely unable to be unbiased and professional about this because IT IS A TRAVESTY THAT MANNY JACINTO ISN’T IN THIS SPOT!!!!! But I guess you guys like lank-haired dudes who can’t open a movie so go ahead and vote for him if you must!

Only one more set of matchups left in round two! Prepare yourselves for the “Other” bracket tomorrow.

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  1. gnidrah says:

    You’re doing the lord’s work here.

  2. taoreader says:

    Crazy kitty is back! I love that little beast.

    Choosing between John Cho and DW Jr. was a genuine challenge.

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