Tournament of Hotties: Marvel and DC Round Three

Shit is getting real in the Tournament of Hotties! Only 16 babes remain to battle for the most sought-after title on Earth. Let’s see how Round Two went for our Marvel and DC Hunks.

This was probably the most stacked bracket of them all but also the most boring because the four remaining studs are seeds 1, 2, 3 and 4. But that’s ok, sometimes it’s good to have something to rely on in this crazy world.

Finally, to celebrate how far these hunks have come I’ll be using GIFs for this whole round!

Michael B. Jordan (1) vs. Chris Hemsworth (4)

Who would win in a battle: Killmonger or Thor? It would totally be Thor. Unless vibranium is not a conductor of electricity? Sadly we will never get to find out for real but we can at least decide which one is hotter.

Michael B. Jordan

Who knew that one day Vince from Friday Night Lights would be in spitting distance of the Tournament of Hotties crown? In the last tournament Michael was eliminated in this very round by eventual tournament winner Oscar Isaac. Will this be his chance to take his rightful place on the throne?

Chris Hemsworth

Please join me in a heartfelt chorus of BYEEEEE BYEEEEE LIL SEBASTIAN, as Sebastian Stan was unable to defeat the God of Thunder in Round Two. We’ll miss him in the saddest fashion. Anyhow, Chris Hemsworth is definitely a babe whether he’s on a red carpet in a suit or fighting antlered Cate Blanchett in space with one of his eyes gouged out. But is he hot enough to take down a #1 seed?

Chadwick Boseman (3) vs. Chris Evans (2)

Captain America may be buddies with T’Challa, but only one of them is getting out of this battle alive.

Chadwick Boseman

Life imitated art in Round Two as Winston Duke nearly took down Chadwick Boseman but was defeated in a late surge. Is the Black Panther the king of your heart?

Chris Evans

Chris Pine tried, but he just couldn’t match the popularity of our blogmother’s husband. It’s no surprise that Mr. Evans has made it to this point in the tournament. After all, if you’re good enough to date Jenny Slate then you’re clearly the cream of the crop.

We’ll check in with the Other Movie Actors bracket tomorrow!

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  1. Voting against Chadwick is DEEPLY PAINFUL, and yet I must.

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