Tournament of Hotties: TV Actors Round Three

Finally, a bracket with some underdogs! Thanks to some early upsets we have a 13 seed and a 7 seed in contention this time. See for yourself:

John Cho (1) vs. Milo Ventimiglia (13)

Our top seed is going up against a wild card, and I have very strong feelings on who should win which I will do my best to keep to myself.

John Cho

When picking the seeds for this tournament, putting John at #1 was probably the easiest decision of all. If he changed his name to Mr. Handsome I would not notice because that is how I mentally refer to him. Damon Wayans Jr. can take comfort in the fact that he was taken down by a true legend.

Milo Ventimiglia

In the battle of the CW studs Jess Mariano took down Mayor Lavon Hayes. I think I know how Lavon would react to that!

Anyway, Jess is the obvious winner of the Best Boyfriend of Rory title, but will Milo win the title of Hottest Hottie?

Gael García Bernal (3) vs. Kumail Nanjiani (7)

I have absolutely no idea how this one is going to go. Each of these men has a very specific kind of appeal, but sorry, you can’t choose them both!

Gael García Bernal

Gael comes one step closer to potentially facing off against his friend Diego Luna, after taking down Riz Ahmed in Round Two. Can his impish good lucks take him that far, though?

Kumail Nanjiani

I don’t really know what to say here. Taylor Kitsch decimated MANNY FUCKING JACINTO but was no match for Kumail Nanjiani. I am very happy with this turn of events though my heart still aches for Manny. I hope our departed grandfather Gabe isn’t jealous that his former webseries costar is in this tournament when he’s not.

We’re almost done with this round; just the “Other” bracket remains!

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4 Responses to Tournament of Hotties: TV Actors Round Three

  1. Look, I would never tell anyone how to vote, but if Milo beats John I’m dropping you all off at the blog children orphanage.

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m kind of concerned by how much you irrationally hate Taylor Kitsch. He’s actually a really humble, funny, nice guy based on interviews/Instagram captions/other people’s stories about him.

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