Tournament of Hotties: “Other” Round Three

My streak of accurate seeding really went to hell in this round, as none of the top four seeds have made it to Round Three. Instead we have quite a collection of characters!

Keanu Reeves (8) vs. Taika Waititi (5)

I didn’t expect to see either of these gentlemen make it this far! But only one can continue.

Keanu Reeves

Apparently love for Keanu runs deep on this blog because he took out our top seed Donald Glover by a respectable margin. Does it run deep enough to advance another round?

Taika Waititi

Andy Samberg was no match for Taika, whose winning streak has been delightful so far. Can our favorite Marvel director make it all the way to the end?

Common (6) vs. Cheyenne Jackson (15)

A mid-level seed and a true underdog will face off in our last match of the bracket.


Jeff Goldblum is history. Common continues. A decision I agree with but am surprised by! The tournament works in mysterious ways.

Cheyenne Jackson

Only a single vote separated Cheyenne and Gus Kenworthy. Maybe it’s his lovely singing voice that put Cheyenne over the top?

That’s it for Round Three! We’ll check back in for Round Four next week.

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  1. taoreader says:

    I just can’t vote for a guy with a shake-weight.

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