How Was Your Weekend?

I was VERY lazy and took a whole bunch of naps. No regrets.

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  1. actionjackson5 says:

    Saw the new Avengers movie (last minute decision, went alone to a 10:30 pm showing!), drank at a social to raise money for the PTA, ran errands and had a fried chicken sandwich with a savory donut for the bun.

    • Tracey says:

      How is the Avengers movie? I’m hearing great things about it but I don’t know if these things are coming from people who would love anything the Avengers do?

      • catweazle says:

        I also saw it and it… was goodish? Maybe? There were a couple of plot points that really pissed me off and I don’t think that being ~*dark*~ is really in Marvel’s wheelhouse but it was fun seeing all the characters meet each other and stuff. Plus everyone is hot so there’s always that.

        • actionjackson5 says:

          I enjoyed it. They did a good job packing several dozen characters into a movie. If you had told the kid version of me that DC would be mulling over the prospects of a new Batman movie while Marvel was saying “Let’s make a sequel to Antman after the third Thor movie comes out,” I’d think you were nuts (but I’d also be SUPER excited!).

  2. hotspur says:

    Saturday’s achievements were meager. I got back into watching The Expanse, and finished the bad book I was slogging through. Plus I started a good book. Yikes, it’s so much more fun to read good writing — I felt instantly better about the world while I was doing it (even though the story is about a mental breakdown, an abortion, and people who don’t care about each other).

    Sunday I went for a long hike, wondered if I was having a heart attack at the midpoint, ate tamales, and finally got back to writing after a too-long hiatus. Good Sunday! We really need 3-day weekends. One day to recover from the work week and 2 days to get actual stuff done. I mean, nothing I do at my job matters, but the stuff I do Sunday could really pay off for the human race.

  3. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I worked up the nerve to get the spider nest out of my mailbox. It was not scary after all! If spiders would have come out of it, this would be a very different kind of post.

    I had to take pictures of a dance recital for work, and it was so adorable. There were only 3 kids, but they were so cute. Hung out with family, exercised twice, and got a little done for work.

    I wish I would have gotten more sleep, but still, A+ weekend.

  4. collin0truckasaurus says:

    Hi Everyone! I feel like I’m finally able to pull my head above water! I’m totally exhausted since my mom left because I’m getting up with the kids and then not able to get back to sleep, but everyone in my house is starting to do better. My husband feels much better and my kids are doing well. Later this week we’re going on vacation and it’s much needed. I’m worried he’ll tweak something and relapse, but worrying about this won’t make it go away. It should just be fun to hang out without the kids. We’re long overdue for that!

    • taoreader says:

      I am glad you hear you’re all feeling better.

    • gnidrah says:

      That’s good news!
      My sister sends empathy – her younger son didn’t sleep till the small hours of Sunday morning, then the older one woke her at six am to ask if she’d like to watch his cuddly toy giraffe having a pretend ice skating lesson…

  5. Tracey says:

    On Saturday I went to a friend’s birthday dinner and they had a gigantic cake so they sent us all home with a few slices so I only ate birthday cake the rest of the weekend. Sunday I napped, read, watched TV, but mostly researched everything for my trip to Iceland! I have hotels booked, now I’m trying to figure out my rental car. Apparently there’s a big thing in Iceland that you can get charged thousands of dollars for repairs and some companies are better than others about this. My credit card should cover damages but only if I waive the CDW coverage, which is automatically included! This is all very boring but seriously why is it so hard to rent a car?

  6. catweazle says:

    I had a very productive weekend! I had to finish setting up my apartment so I wouldn’t be embarrassed when the building manager came to inspect the smoke detector and it looks really nice now. I also tried to make macarons for the first time and I burned half the batch and the rest accidentally came out really tiny but they tasted really good so I’m calling it a win. It was also my first time using an actual zester instead of a cheese grater to zest lemons and it was SO MUCH EASIER. Who knew?

  7. gnidrah says:

    I messed up the weekend. Totally thought my friend invited me for brunch on Sunday… Then on Saturday at midday they messaged to ask where I was… With my folks, as I’d said I’d see them so I’d be free for brunch on Sunday. Ugh. My mind is shot with all the stress over interviews and stuff.

    Anyway. We tried a restaurant near my house and it was amazing. Then on Sunday I did a trial assignment for a job to see if they want me or not (great) and dreamed about Eurovision…

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