Tiny Dogs for Big Feels

“I will pee on your pillow for this.”

Look, times are confusing and not a little depressing. We live in a world full of lying politicians, asshole bigots, rising walls, idiot bosses, nuclear threat, and a deteriorating global environment. Wait… where are you going?

“I can’t take this pessimism, lady.”

Stick with me. We also live in a world where people persistently strive to practice kindness and love. Still! And as we all know, kindness and love require a lot more bravery than fear and hate. Hate is easy. Love is haaaaard. And we have to keep loving this stupid world and all its stupid people.

“Okay, FINE.”

Which is where dogs come in. If you’re just a little nice to a dog, they will love everything! Food! Walks! Pets! Naps! Toys! Sunshine! They ain’t care, it’s all good! Fuck baths and rain though, that shit is unpleasant.

Well, big dogs aren’t all that bright.

So let’s take a cue from the warm feels we get from these tiny doggies. Happiness is contagious. The tiny dog gurus will teach us.

“If we all see different parts of the bone, then we must work together to see the whole bone.”

Being held is the best.






Take care of your teeth.

Find a good hiding spot to recharge.

Take a nap when you need to.

If you get scared, find a friend to be scared with.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Travel as much as you can and learn about the world.

It’s good to be different!

And remember, anyone can be a tiny dog. It’s just a state of mind.

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Writer and Editor. Pianist and singer. Feminist and proponent of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. I don't get it either. I wish I could have dinner with Marie Curie.
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6 Responses to Tiny Dogs for Big Feels

  1. Kate says:

    ☺️ awwww

  2. hotspur says:

    I know this is against the temperature of the room, but I really like the big dog eating the rain.

  3. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I love this so much!!!

  4. Tracey says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssss this is what we need! More doggos!

  5. gnidrah says:

    LOL’d hard at the suitcase dog!

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