How Was Your Weekend?

I’m still having mine because I took today off, so I’m in a very good mood right now even though it rained for two days straight.

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6 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. flanny says:

    Last week was so busy and exhausting. Commencement was early Saturday afternoon, and after that I went home, ordered some Panera, and watched The Family Cooking Showdown. Ended up sleeping through two episodes in two separate naps.
    Then yesterday I had renewed energy. I went grocery shopping and running and watched Kimmy Schmidt “auf Deutsch” since I’m going to Germany with my family in less than a month! On Sunday, I also bought a guide book for that trip and for my roadtrip, so now that the busyness of work is mostly behind me I can focus all my anxiety on those two trips!

  2. taoreader says:

    I was working a lot of the weekend, but I also managed to watch four episodes of Little Doritt on Amazon/BBC or some other channel I’m probably accidentally paying for now.

    And I’m stepping down from my managing editor position next month YAY. I can’t wait. I’m training the new editor now and every time my boss flakes out, I’m like, “That won’t be my problem soon!”

    And it looks like I’ve scored a new editing client–a book-length project, so more YAYs! (and much-needed $$$)

  3. Tracey says:

    My best friends moved from the incredibly convenient location of halfway between home and work (and one block from my gym) to a city about 35 minutes away in the best case traffic scenario. Which is a bummer, but seeing how much space they have now I can’t begrudge them the move. So I yesterday I went out to their new place and spent the whole day with them and their 2-year-old, who is truly a delight. We went to the farmers market, had brunch, walked to the beach, played in their front and back yards, had cocktails, then ate NY pizza. Which is pretty much a perfect day. I won’t be seeing them as often now that I can’t just stop by for dinner on my way home, but this gives me hope that the quality of our time together will increase. Also, I don’t know how people are raising children and getting anything else done. Kids are such energy vampires! I had to take a 2-hour nap last night at 7 pm.

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