This Week in Tiny Things

It’s time for some tiny!

potato kitty

“It’s time for some me!”

There’s a breed of cat I’d never heard of before yesterday: the Munchkin Cat. Munchkin kitties are tiny with very short legs. They evolved this way through a natural mutation. People like them for their extreme fluffy cuteness.

Now, imagine being a tiny kitty who is extra tiny. Now imagine that your ribcage and lungs are way too tiny, so it’s hard to breath. And one lung is infected. And you’re in chronic nerve pain. You’re family surrendered you to the heroes at the MSPCA because they couldn’t take care of you properly. Oh–you’re also blind.

I’m talking about Potato Cat (sometimes called Giselle), the tiny kitty with her own Instagram account and backstory!


Are you asking me if I want that kitty? YES I WANT THAT TINY KITTY. I want all the kitties, what can I do.

Also in tiny news, airport puppies!


Some passengers chose to miss their connecting flights so they could watch the birth. Is that not what everyone would do?

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2 Responses to This Week in Tiny Things

  1. hotspur says:

    Oh no, I watched the whole potato cat video and would have watched a whole show about potato cat.

  2. gnidrah says:

    This pet isn’t particularly tiny, but last week a load of posters went up around my neighbourhood asking people to please look for their lost cat, and the posters show a really blurry animal and the caption says “ANSWERS TO THE NAME OF “MENACE” (SOMETIMES)”

    I really hope I find this amazing cat.

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