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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are your weekend plans? I’m excited for the royal wedding, I won’t lie. For someone who would rather cut off a limb than have a big, fancy wedding myself, I really love ogling the big, fancy weddings of others.

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Tournament of Hotties: We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Chris Evans, who has joined legendary babe Oscar Isaac as an Official Hottest Hottie! Here is the completed bracket: You may recall that the tournament also had a contest for you all to build your own brackets in … Continue reading

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Thursday Free-For-All

I’ve actually been doing great with projects lately (the secret might be to set phone alerts for EVERYTHING, I’m finding?) but eh, I’m not in the mood to talk about them. Do so if you wish, but otherwise, go nuts!

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine has been very quiet and pleasant so far. Mostly I’ve been snacking and reading up on royal wedding drama (Meghan Markle’s family is the WORST, y’all).

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Tuesday TV Talk

What are you watching? I finally watched the new John Mulaney special on Netflix, which naturally meant that I had to go and rewatch the old ones, too.

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was good! Thai food for Mother’s Day is a good idea, if you weren’t aware. We’ve had several other posts today so if you haven’t checked them out, keep scrolling!

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Eurovision 2018 – the grand final

Thought the comedown wasn’t going to be as bad this year, for some reason, but it turns out it was just delayed. It’s hit me today. How better to cheer oneself up than by reliving this year’s Eurovision Song Contest … Continue reading

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Tiny Kitties for Gigantic Feels

Why do we love tiny things so much? Why, when I see a tiny thing, do I say, “It’s so tiny!” as if that needs to be stated. Like when I see a cat and go “KITTY!” Every. Damn. Time. … Continue reading

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Tournament of Hotties: Third Time’s the Charm

Since both of the polls for the final battle were subject to some dubious voting practices, we’re going to do this differently today. Please comment with your vote (in case you forgot, Chris Evans or Keanu Reeves) AND because I … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – the second semi-final

Oh HELLO you. Second semi-final time, and even though I’m very sad to be home, we’ve got another evening of joy, delight and laughter ahead of us. It will become apparent quite quickly that we were spoiled by the first … Continue reading

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