Tuesday TV Talk

What are you watching?


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Theresa Couchman was born in Upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, and currently resides in Upstate New York. She has a pair of impractical Master's Degrees and a taste for the pointlessly weird, and is occasionally funny on Twitter.
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5 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk

  1. Kate says:

    There’s a great series on PBS called Civilizations that I recommend. Very well done.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    The season finale of Handmaid’s Tale is this week. It’s such a well made show, but it’s so intense that I kind of welcome a break from watching it.

    I’ve been watching old episodes of iZombie because I really wasn’t into the new season. I figured if I backed up a bit, then watched the new ones, it might help. Plus, the old seasons are just wonderful!

    I want to watch Sharp Objects. I saw the trailer a really long time ago, so I don’t remember what it is about, but I remember thinking it looked good.

    • Re: Sharp Objects–I had very mixed feelings about the book, but remember thinking that it was definitely the kind of book that would make a great movie, so I’m interested, too. Plus I just love Amy Adams.

      • nastyemu says:

        The thing I remember most about the book was that I finished it in a day, which is quite an accomplishment for someone with my attention span. Eight episodes seems a little long though, hopefully they didn’t stretch it out too much.

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